Friday, January 14, 2011

Bum Boosa Review

In this changing world, nature continues to produce the healthiest options for products necessary in our daily lives. With that knowledge, Bum Boosa® is committed to using the renewable, sustainable resource of bamboo in combination with natural ingredients for our biodegradable, natural baby wipes, soothing, natural diaper rash ointment, soft, eco-luxurious bathroom tissue and other eco-friendly products soon to join our conscientious line. We know that you think proactively about the long-term impacts of your choices for your family and the environment. This is what inspires the creation of each Bum Boosa® product. In addition, we put our money where our environmental footprint is by planting trees for each item sold and offsetting more than 100% of our carbon load.

I love everything that Bum Boosa stands for. I love providing my daughter with the most natural products possible, and I also love taking small steps to help preserve this earth for future generations. So for me Bum Boosa products seem to make a lot of sense. When I was offered the opportunity to check out their Bamboo Wipes I was really interested to see what they would be like.
The first thing that I was really excited about was their new "frustration free" packaging. The easy flip top makes it so easy for me to change my daughter and use only one hand to retrieve the wipes. This is really helpful now that we are in the wiggley, won't lay still, trying to make a run for it stage of diaper changing. It also keeps them nice and fresh.

So once you get past the cool packaging what's it like inside? Well, they smell great! They are naturally scented with lavender and sweet orange essential oils with no alcohol or harsh preservatives. I like that. I don't like the harsh smell of alcohol on something I am using on my daughter's skin. I also find the scent to be relaxing and refreshing. Isn't that nice during the task if changing a diaper? That's not the usual scent I get :)

I also love how soft they are. I remember once I was trying a sample pack of wipes that I got in the mail and I took the wipe out and it was thick and felt like wet paper towel. I wouldn't want that used on me so why would I use it on my daughter? Babies have the softest, sweetest skin and should be treated delicately. So the softer the better, but they also need to be able to do the job. These wipes are just that, soft but very functional.

Bum Boosa also offers diaper rash ointment, bathroom tissue, and some cute clothes for babies and toddlers. You can check out their entire selection and learn more about them on their website.


Mom vs. the boys said...

cute packing and it seems like the smell great, I love a great smelling wipe!

Life with the Lebedas said...

Great review! Thanks for sharing!

Show Me Mama said...

I love using wipes and if it smells great then I will definitely buy it again. Thanks for sharing.