Friday, September 30, 2011

Sculptz Tights by Silkies Review and Giveaway

With the cool fall weather right around the corner bare legs are out. But that doesn't mean you have to pack away your dresses and skirts. Tights are great accessories that can really pull an outfit together while giving your legs a little more coverage.

I love tights and the versatility you have with them. You can wear bright colors or fun patterns to spice up your outfit. But Sculptz by Silkies has taken the fashionable idea of tights and made them even better!

Sculpt offers shaping tights that help you to hide, lift, and smooth. Doesn't that sound great? So I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to review their tights.

Now, as a tights wearer I am all too familiar with the problems we women often encounter. Runs. Yep, many a pairs of tights have been ruined. Some before I have even gotten them all the way on! And what about that feeling like your tights are falling down? Come on, I know you know what I'm talking about. And suddenly taking big steps becomes a challenge and the sage down your legs. Well, with Sculptz I haven't had any of these problems.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Children's Books by Kate Endle and Caspar Baby Pants - Review

Books are a big deal in our house. Every night we pick a special story to read before bed, so we like to have a nice variety. I was recently given the opportunity to check out two new children's books from Kate Endle and Caspar Babypants. These two stories, My Woodland Wish and Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight, combine the world's of art and music and turn them into books. They are truly beautiful.

Children's musician Chris Ballew (or Caspar Babypants) and his wife Kate Endle announce their unique collaboration on two new children's books.  My Woodland Wish is a beautiful picture book, filled with Endle’s charming paper collage art and a free MP3 of the book’s song performed by Caspar Babypants. The couple enjoyed the fruits of their collaboration so much, they went on to create several other “books in song”; Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight, a board book, is the second of their books to be released.

My Woodland Wish takes you on an adventure through nature. You get to visit with different critters and creatures and tell them what your wish for them is. This story is began as a song, that is included with the book as an MP3, which was then expanded into a story. It rhymes and flows, keeping event he youngest listener interested. And then add to it the beautiful collage illustrations and you have a book to treasure for years to come!

Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight is based on a Caspar Babypants lullaby. On each page you meet a new animal enjoying some type of light. Sunlight, fire, a shimmering pond. It's a cute board book with Kate Endles fabulous illustrations. My daughter keeps this one her shelf in her playroom and loves to point out the animals and the sun. It's helping me to teach her new words, too! This book also come with a free download of an MP3 of the song.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Camping Mama for Nintendo DS - Review

Go wild with Mama, Papa and their two children in the great outdoors!

Edison, New Jersey – September 13, 2011 – Majesco Entertainment (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, announced today that the latest installment in its iconic and seminal Mama franchise, Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures, is now available for the suggested retail price of $29.99 at retailers everywhere. Rated E for Everyone, Camping Mama marks the first time in the series’ decorated past that you will be able to play as Mama’s two children.

“With well over eight and a half million units sold in North America alone, the Mama franchise is one we’re undeniably proud of,” said Jesse Sutton, CEO, Majesco Entertainment. “This latest iteration continues the high standard of quality, deep and enjoyable mini games, family friendly humor and memorable gameplay experiences. We can’t wait for gamers around the world to join Mama in this latest adventure.”

Develop your island survival skills with Mama in over 100 different stylus-based games featuring a broad range of challenges: craft a fishing pole to fish, sharpen knives and axes with stones you’ve collected, make a fire to cook shellfish you’ve caught, cook the eggs collected from captured chickens to eat, set up your camping tent to sleep in, construct a net to catch butterflies, and much more! Have fun participating in activities such as rock climbing, swinging on jungle vines, spelunking, rowing a boat, tree climbing, making s’mores and more. With customization options and collectible play, Camping Mama lets everyone go wild in the great outdoors!

This game is right up my alley! My husband and I both have DS's (we are truly kids at heart) and our game selections are very different. He's really into the racing and brain games, while I prefer the  more virtual reality games. I like to feel productive and this game allows you to do that. I also like to feel like every day is something new. Where you're not driving the same race track, but rather exploring a new area or taking part in a new challenge... and this is the game for that.

While playing as one of the children, you face tasks and challenges while exploring your surroundings. You can find treasure, make recipes, decorate your camp and so much more. You can collect bugs and fish to keep in your scrapbook. The game holds endless hours of new and exciting activities for children (and some adults... hehe).

10 Tips for an Organized Play Room #Walltracks

I love a clean and tidy house. I want every thing to have a place and for it to be where it belongs. I'm pretty good about getting rid of things that I don't need or don't use. So overall my house is pretty organized. I am almost always ready for company.... as long as they don't go in the playroom.

The playroom is a world all it's own. It's an extension of my house that I feel like I've completely lost control of. Not only is it always a mess because of my daughter playing with multiple things at once, but it's also completely disorganized. I think my biggest challenge is that every toy is a different size and shape. It's not like organizing books.... there's no where to put the big, bulky ones!

So I've spent some time "trying" to get this room in order. In some cases my efforts have worked and in some cases they haven't. But here is my top 10 list of ideas to keep things neat and tidy... well, as much as you can.

1. Rotate Toys - Instead of having everything out all at once rotate things in and out. This keeps the toys a little more exciting and cuts down on the amount of "stuff" in the room.

2. Baskets - I use baskets for everything! I have a basket for diaper changing necessities, a basket for puzzles, and a basket for stuffed animals. This way I can keep them up high and take them out when they are needed or wanted. They also make for quick clean up as you can just throw things back in them.

3. Organizing Shelf - This has made a world of difference! My daughter is at the age where most of her toys come with parts. It's a plastic explosion. These shelves have bins for shelves, so each bin can be for a different set of toys. And she can take a whole bin off the shelf when she wants to play with something.

4. Retire Toys - Do a sweep every couple of weeks and pack up things that aren't being used.

5. Keep the "Messies" Away - I keep all the messy stuff out of her reach. Play dough, paint, crayons... this will save you from finding play dough ground into the carpet or crayons all over the wall.

6. Put it Away Right - We always put things away with all their pieces. This way the toy is in "ready to play" condition and you know right away when a piece has gone missing.

7. Keep it in One Spot - Don't let your playroom leak out into other parts of the house. My daughter plays in other rooms, but her toys live in the playroom.

8. Keep It Simple - Don't buy things you already have. Don't get the 100 piece block set when the 50 piece set is available. Sometimes less is more. As long as there is enough to keep the little ones entertained don't go crazy with "stuff".

9. Storage - Make sure you have tons of storage. You can do this without drawing attention to it buy getting those ottomans that open up. You can hide all kinds of stuff in there and keep your room looking nice.

10. - Don't Do it Alone - Set an example that things should be put away and kept organized. Encourage your kids to do the same. You can sing a clean up song or have a set time every night that you clean up. Make it part of the routine and an expectation. Also, cleaning as you go is good. Play with it and then put it away before picking something new.

The thing with kids is that your house will never be spotless again. But having the house filled with toys is a good thing. It means it's a house where a child plays. But keeping things organized is important and will continue to challenge you as your kids grow and change and all their "stuff" changes. If you have any great ideas please leave a comment and let us all know how you are organizing your playrooms!

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About Hot Wheels®
Since 1968, Hot Wheels® has been passionate about creating thrilling vehicle experiences through innovative product and content. With a fan base of more than 41 million people, Hot Wheels® is the No. 1 vehicle property in the United States producing the coolest cars imaginable. The Hot Wheels® brand began as a line of 16 1:64-scale die-cast vehicles; today, it has evolved into a true, global lifestyle brand for boys of all ages with segments that range from aftermarket parts to licensed apparel to branded digital content from Team Hot Wheels™, a real-life race crew of professional drivers performing over-the-top stunts.

More on Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks™ sets:

More info on Hot Wheels®:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jake and the Never Land Pirates on DVD!



It was only a few months ago that we discovered Disney JR. A friend of mine introduced my daughter to Mickey's Clubhouse and she started asking for Mickey on a pretty regular basis, so I checked the TV schedule and put it on for her. Little did I know that the rest of the morning was also filled with great shows that she really enjoyed!

One of the shows she started to get really into was Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Each episode is based on the adventures of three kids, Jake, Izzy, and Chubby, as they try to outsmart Captain Hook and his side kick, Smee. I love that they have a show with two very familiar characters from the beloved movie, Peter Pan. 

The show is just a lot of fun. The characters are engaging and the adventures are exciting for little kids. They collect gold doubloons when they complete missions and always count them up at the end. They do incorporate educational aspects into fun. And they have a really funny duo, Sharky and Bones, who pop up throughout to sing funny pirate songs. They are quite the characters! The music is catchy and upbeat, so dancing along is a must.

This DVD contains 7 episodes along with 2 special bonus features.  In one bonus feature Jake teaches you how to talk like a pirate, yo ho! And the other is a really fun music feature. You have a collection of music videos that you can use in sing along mode or regular mode. This was a hit with my daughter! She doesn't really sing along yet, except for trying to repeat what they say, but she was dancing all over the place! And the DVD came with an eye patch, so she was dressed for the part. It also comes with a 7-track CD, so you can bring the fun on the road.

This DVD is a ton of fun and great for young children! I would definitely recommend that you check it out on DVD or try and catch an episode on Disney JR. You can purchase this DVD for $19.99!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bringing Home Baby #SeventhGeneration

When we found we were expecting our first child I got so excited about all the fun things that come along with that sweet bundle of joy. I was anxious to register and I spent hours every day browsing baby clothes, baby gear, and all things baby. I felt like I was being welcomed into this club... the mom club. But very quickly that pure excitement started to mix with an overwhelming feeling of nervousness.

My husband and I were young and the first of friends and siblings to have a baby. I turned to my mom for advice but she had an excellent point in telling me that things are so different now from when she had me. So I felt a little lost and needed a friend to turn to. Luckily I had a cousin who had a one year old. She stepped up to the plate and helped me get ready for baby.

So I'm going to try and help other new moms with this list of my top 10 ways to get ready for a new baby....

1. Be prepared for the hospital - Baby's are on their own schedules. My daughter arrived a week early and only a day after my doctor told me she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. So at 1:00 in the morning I was online trying to find out if I was in labor, calling my doctor, and packing my hospital bag. You don't need that added stress. Pack early and have a could happen at any time.

2. Get your car seat checked - This was really important to me. I wanted to make sure it was installed correctly. Of course I made my appointment for a Monday and had my baby that Sunday. So I sent my dad to the police station with my car to get it checked. We had it in right but not tight enough. It's best to check!

3. Buy multiple sizes of diapers - My daughter never even wore a newborn size diaper. I had TONS of them and she came out so big that she jumped right into size 1's while in the hospital. I luckily had a few size 1's, but we quickly ran out.

4. Ask for help - Don't be shy asking for help those first few days or even weeks. It's such a magical time you don't want to be stressed. Enjoy the time with your baby and family. Let your mom and mother-in-law bask in this time as well. Plus it will give you some extra time to sleep.

5. Have a feeding backup plan - I had a lot of trouble with breastfeeding, and while that was my number one choice I had to supplement with formula. If I didn't have some on hand my first day home would have been soooo stressful as my daughter was not getting enough milk and I only found that out after lots of screaming.

6. Have a clean house - You will become a freak about things being clean. You will worry about germs and things on the floor. Clean the house before you have the baby and use a natural cleaner. You won't have time to pick up a broom the first few weeks. It feels so much more relaxing to be in a tidy house while resting with your new bundle!

7. Have a variety of "things" - By things I mean swings, bouncy seats, baby carriers... you never know what your baby will like or not like. So by being able to move them around you may be able to give your arms a break. I got two bouncy seats only to find out that she hated them! Luckily we also had a swing and she loved that!

8. Do your research... but not too much - The internet is your best and worst friend. You can learn a lot but you can also freak yourself out. Read what's important and skip the "personal experiences." Everyone's experiences are different.

9. Freeze some meals - Take out can get expensive... but cooking will not be a priority. Have a few easy meals all set to go in the freezer.

10. ENJOY - Seriously, don't sweat the small stuff. Theses tiny babies are only tiny for a short amount of time. All the planning in the world will never prepare you for the amazing journey you will find yourself on. There is nothing like those first days home with someone so new that you feel like you've known your whole life.

Oh... and if I had to add an 11... take tons of pictures. They change so fast!!

So that would be my list of things to keep in mind. But the bottom line is that if you have love for your child you have it all and you will be just fine. Trust your instincts and enjoy the ride!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Seventh Generation blogging program, for a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Seventh Generation has great all natural products to get you started off right. From cleaning products to diapers and wipes. All natural is the best way to go when dealing with baby's sensitive skin.

Guidecraft Hideaway Country Kitchen Review and Giveaway

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was play in my little kitchen. It was fully stocked with all the necessary ingredients to feed my dolls, have tea with my mom, make dessert for my dad, or set up a restaurant with my friends. The kitchen provided me with hours of imaginary play where I got lost in my own little world. 

This type of play is important to me now as a mom. I want my daughter to have that creativity and imagination. I want her to be able to play by herself, with me, or with friends. I want to see her extend her play skills by involving her dolls, or taking orders for an imaginary cafe. And Guidecraft is a great place to go for that perfect kitchen for your little one.

Guidecraft offers a variety of products from play kitchens to tables and chairs, from toy chests to puppet theaters. Each item is made with high quality materials and built to last. So when I was offered the chance to review one of their new products I was thrilled. I was even more excited when I learned it was a play kitchen... and a space saver.

A best-selling concept - children's dramatic play kitchens - just took a great leap forward with the addition of the Hideaway Playtime and Country Kitchens! In a few simple steps, the Hideaway Kitchen compacts to a depth of 6", allowing it to be efficiently stored when not in use. Offers plenty of features including a sink, a stove; an oven; a dishwasher; functioning knobs, clock and more. Adult assembly required. Ages 3+. 30"W x 15.25"D x 38"H
Does she look thrilled to play in her new kitchen, or what?

This kitchen has been a dream in so many ways. My husband put it together in about an hour. The instructions were clear and he didn't have any trouble. When my daughter woke up from her nap she came down to see this adorable kitchen and immediately started to play with it. Now we have tea and pie almost every night after dinner. She makes applesauce for her babies. Her imagination is growing and I am so excited to watch it and be a part of it.

The coolest feature is that it folds up so flat that you can easily store it away under a bed or behind a door. With a simple unscrewing the entire kitchen folds up, but when it is open it is completely stable and safe. This is perfect for apartments, small houses, or for houses with too much stuff! We leave ours out all the time, but I could see us folding it up this holiday season when the tree comes out and we need some more room. It's an awesome feature!

I would highly recommend that Hideaway Country Kitchen! I would also recommend you check out Guidecraft's site to see all the great products they offer.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting out to Play! #C2Play2Day

My daughter absolutely loves to play outside. And with Worldwide Day of Play to turn off the tv and play outside coming up on Septemeber 24th we fully intend to take part. I admit that I am completely guilty of taking advantage of the tv. I try not to let it be a "babysitter," but sometimes I really need it to get anything done. But now my daughter is at the age where she is asking for specific shows and WANTS to watch tv... all the time!  So, this is a great reminder to turn off the tv and get out and enjoy the sunshine. Especially since fall and winter and creeping around that corner!

I have to admit that my favorite thing to do with my family is get out in the outdoors and do something! We are great at this on the weekends, but I struggle with it during the week when cooking, cleaning, laundry, and exhaustion take over. So what do we do as a family to get out and about? Well....

THE BEACH! We love the beach. We sit in the sand and play with shovels. We walk by the edge of the water. We relax in the sun... with sunscreen, of course! A day at the beach is relaxing and feels so natural.

THE PARK! We live very close to a park. In fact, it's within walking distance. So you would think we would be there every day. But it's really more of a weekend thing for us, since it takes two to watch our little one. One climbs up with her to make sure she can do all the obstacles to get to her favorite slide. The other waits at the bottom of the slide for her.

THE FARM! Ok, this has to be our favorite. We have two farms that we frequent. One is like a mini petting zoo. It has sheep, goats, pigs, bunnies, alpacas, cows, and horses. It's designed for kids and has tons for them to do. The other farm we go to a lot if where we do our peach picking, apple picking, and pumpkin picking. We get a yearly membership so that we can go back as often as we would like for fresh air, fresh fruit, and fun!

OUR OWN BACKYARD! Yes, it may not be as exciting as a destination. But we do our best to make it fun for our family. We have a swing set and a baby pool. We also have one of those kiddie roller coasters. That can keep her busy for hours! The bubble maker is always a hit. And just running around makes us all smile!

Spending time outside is one of those things that I always pictured when I imagined being a mom. BBQing while the kids play, going for family bike rides, taking trips to the beach. I am thrilled to be at the early stages of parenthood with so many fun activities and adventures to look forward to with my family!

So get outside, make some memories and have some fun! Take the  Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside! I took the pledge... you should, too!

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Clorox2® blogging program, for a gift card worth $40. For more information on how you can participate, click here."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I LOVE fall... and apple picking!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MyBuy Nursing Scrubs and Stethoscopes

When I was contacted to do a review of MyBuy Nursing Scrubs and Stethoscopes I thought I was going to have to pass. I'm not a nurse and didn't think I would have much use for nursing scrubs or stethoscopes. But then I explored their site and realized they are definitely not just for nurses! Now, I think if you are a nurse you will have even more fun on this site than I did... but if you're a mom you will like it, too!

So by their name I am sure you realize that they carry scrubs. But they aren't just any scrubs but some of the cutest scrubs I've ever seen.... including Disney prints! I wish I was a nurse just so I could wear something this comfy and cute. I think teachers should wear scrubs, too! And of course, they also have stethoscopes. Many different kinds like cardiology, electronic, and pediatric.

While those two areas may be kind of limited to medical professionals (or those who want comfy scrubs to wear around the house) they also carry several products that meet a wider audience, such as watches and thermometers. The thermometer section was the area that drew my attention. My daughter recently spiked a fever of 104 and we were monitoring her temperature every hour for 2 days. I have two kinds of thermometers.... the old fashion rectal/under the arm or tongue kind and the kind that you scan the forehead with. Well, can you imagine keeping a 2 year old still long enough to measure her temperature under her arm?

So I jumped at the chance to check out one of the ear thermometers. This Instant Read Digital Ear Thermometer is just what we needed! It works really fast. You have an accurate reading in one second. It's very easy to use, the display is clear, and it's easy to clean with a waterproof tip. I am really happy with this thermometer and have used it on my daughter, myself, and my husband!

MyBuy Nursing Scrubs and Stethoscopes is a great place to go if you are looking for a great gift for a nurse. But it's also a useful site to explore for some of your other needs. It's definitely worth checking out!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bouncing Frogs Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

I was introduced to the wonderful company, Bouncing Frogs, about a year ago. I read about this family owned company and was impressed by their passion and commitment to creating high quality, luxury baby linens. As well as their commitment to having all their products made in the USA and providing their customers with free shipping on every order. On paper this looked and sounded like the kind of company that I would like to support. The next step was to check out their products.

I have had the pleasure to review their blankets and burp cloths in the past. These have got to be the softest material that I have ever come across for blankets and burp cloths. The quality if these products is unbeatable and after many, many trips through the washing machine they are still soft and beautiful.

Bouncing Frogs has so much to offer from blankets and burp cloths to gorgeous crib and toddler bedding. They offer a variety of colors for boys and girls, as well as optional custom monogramming. But beyond their exceptional products is their desire to give back to the community. And with Breast Cancer Awareness month coming up in October, they are giving back in a powerful way to help find a cure.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

At Bouncing Frogs, we believe in doing well by doing good.  October is breast cancer awareness month. Each of us knows someone who has battled this terrible disease. We all need to work together to help find a cure.  Bouncing Frogs will go “pink” in October like everyone else. However, since this is a cause we are very passionate about we want to go one step further.

Bouncing Frogs will donate 100% of all profits we generate on any of our “Pink Products” during the month of October to Susan G. Komen For the Cure® 

Bouncing Frogs “Pink Products” include:

Please consider showing your support for a great cause!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Baby Clothes Boutique Review and Giveaway

My Baby Clothes Boutique offers some of the most unique and stylish clothing from some of hottest designers. Their team searches for the cutest dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, tutus, baby hats and more for young children. They then offer these items at incredibly affordable prices. I was really impressed when I saw the name brands for low prices.

The site is very well organized and allows you to search by gender, size, or style. They don't have an overwhelming selection, but they certainly have more than enough options for you to find something you love. They even have a nice selection of accessories, including baby headbands.

I had the wonderful opportunity to choose an outfit for review from My Baby Clothes Boutique. So I started a search for baby girl clothes and then narrowed it even more to look for things that are 2T-4T. I had a nice selection of outfits to choose from but fell in love with a dress by Bonnie Jean. It was a very summery print so I ordered up a size for next spring and summer.

The dress shipped quickly and arrived at my house in no time! I was very pleased with my experience from beginning to end with My Baby Clothes Boutique. And I was on there today and they had some really cute holiday items! I suggest you check them out if you are looking for baby clothes!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spooky Buddies on DVD September 20th!

SPOOKY BUDDIES premieres on Blu-ray, DVD & Movie Download from 
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on September 20th!

Those adorable talking puppies are back! There is something about talking animals that is just enthralling for kids. My daughter adores the "woofs" on screen and their crazy antics, so I am excited to show this to her just in time to get into the Halloween spirit.

So make a fun movie night with Spooky Buddies and click the image below to check out some fun activities!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

#Mompact: Review and Giveaway of Tilty Cup

I am so excited to be participating in the Mompact Blog Hop! Now is your chance to learn about new and exciting products invented by moms. Really, who knows a kid's needs more than a mom? At the bottom of my review you will find a link to the next fantastic review and giveaway. Be sure to click it and check it out!

I would like to introduce you to the Tilty Cup!
"TILTY cup's patent-pending ergonomic design creates a comfortable and natural drinking experience. TILTY keeps the liquid at an angle and allows it to flow to the spout with minimal effort so that your little one doesn't have to tilt his/her head back as far. TILTY makes finishing the last drops a cinch and creates habits that will help your baby transition from sippy cups to "grown-up" cups easier and quicker. TILTY comes with a snap-on lid and does not have a valve, which according to the American Dental Association is better for a toddler's dental development."

TILTY is BPA Free, PVC Free, Pthalate Free, made of safe #5 polypropylene, and is dishwasher safe.  
 Only TILTY Clear cups and lids are DYE Free.

TILTY only has two parts, the lid and the cup.  No valves to lose or clean.  Snap on lid can be put on with only one hand.

TILTY is dishwasher safe, top rack only.  TILTY has two drain holes to let the out water that collects under the angled wall.  TILTY is easy to clean without a dishwasher too.  The mouth piece is large enough to clean with a sponge.

Be sure to check out the Titly Cup on facebook for all the latest news!

*This giveaway is open to US and Canada.

There are 120 fabulous blogs participating in the Mompact Blog Hop! Be sure to visit as many as you can. You can visit to find a complete list of links. 

The next blog on the hop is from Sunshine and Sippy Cups! Please click for the next Mompact Giveaway and check out her review and giveaway of Bunchess!

* I received this product free of charge from the company through my participation in the Mompact Blog Hop. No other compensation was involved. Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

Winners! has chosen our winners for the BePe Baby Slippers and Shutterfly Giveaways!!

BePe Baby - #62 Orangefukurou
Shutterfly - 
1. #35 Emmy's Closet
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5. #30 Lisa
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7. #46 Roxanne
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10. #24 Shannon

Congratulations to our winners! E-mail notifications have been sent. The winners will have 48 hours to respond or we will have to choose another winner.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Never Forget....

Yesterday we attended the 9/11 Memorial for my Dad's fire department. 
10 years later and there were still tears and heartache.
We will never forget.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to Fall!

I am having the hardest time believing that summer is over! It went by in the blink of an eye... and didn't linger for a moment. We are dealing with rain and cold temperatures for our back to school week!

But luckily we were able to say goodbye to summer over the long weekend with lots of fun activities. We went to our local parade to see Papa (my dad) march with his fire department. And then we went to the fire men's carnival. This was really fun because my daughter was so into it! She wanted to go on rides and play games. We had a blast!

So while it's sad to say goodbye to summer I really love fall! I am excited to pick apples and pumpkins, do all kinds of baking and cooking, and decorate the house. The smell of candles burning makes me feel comfy and cozy. So I'm embracing fall and we are gonna have a blast!

Do you have any fun traditions or activities that you love to do in the fall?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flowerz in Her Hair Review and Giveaway

Today is the first day of school at the school I work at! I always get excited about the "back-to-school" season. The kids all look so put together with new backpacks, shoes, and of course, hair accessories! My daughter goes to child care in my building, so we got excited for back-to-school with the help of Flowerz in Her Hair.

Flowerz in Her Hair is seriously your one stop shopping for all your hair accessory needs. Whether you are looking for bows, flowers, headbands, or something special for the holidays.. you can find it at Flowerz in Her Hair. But, there are tons of places like that. What makes Flowerz in Her Hair stand out to me is the quality and price. Each piece is handcrafted with high quality materials and made to last. And with prices that you just can't beat!

It's becoming increasingly difficult to use my daughter as a model as she doesn't sit still and is going through an "enough pictures already, mom" phase. But she gets so excited when she gets new bows from Flowerz in Her Hair. She picks out her bow each morning. I try and encourage her to match her outfit, but sometimes she is just set on a color that doesn't go. It really doesn't bother me because she is creating her own style!
I would highly recommend you check out the fantastic selection offered at Flowerz in Her Hair. You will receive quality items, fast shipping, and low prices!!

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#34 - Lisa

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