Friday, November 13, 2009


I am disappointed to say that I will not be receiving my skinny jeans. Old Navy sent an e-mail stating that, even though the jeans were and still are listed as available, they are no longer available. Now, under normal circumstances I would probably be understanding to this. However, they have not updated the jeans availability. Annoying. And the best they could do for me was send me a 10% off coupon. Yeah, well that was nice of you, but I had a 30% off coupon when placing my order! I feel gypped! So now I won't be ordering any more skinny jeans from them in the future. They should have at least given me another 30% off coupon to use on another pair. Grrrr. It's not my fault they can't keep their stock updated on their website! Ok, that was my vent for the day.

In other news, my darling baby has one very red cheek. :( She seems totally fine otherwise, so I'm not too concerned. Has anyone had any experiences with this? I've been doing some research online and am leaning towards the "drooling" explanation. It's on the side that she sleeps on, so maybe she drools in her sleep and it's making it a little chapped? Well, I'm going to moisturize it tonight and see how it looks in the morning. If it's still red I will call the doc. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Skinny on the Jeans

So I have decided to enter into unknown territory. I have always had an interest in fashion. I have always had an eye for fashion. But I have not always had the body for fashion. I was just to the point where I didn't enjoy trying clothes on. So I started Weight Watchers a couple of summers ago. I quickly dropped 40 pounds and all of a sudden EVERYTHING looked good on me. It was great for my self esteem, horrible for my wallet. Well, since then I have had a baby. I gained about 60 pounds during my pregnancy and am still working that off. In fact, I am still 2 sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size. I know, I know... 9 months on, 9 months off. I'm not so much complaining as stating a fact. But the other day I bought an adorable pair of boots that are just designed to be worn with skinny jeans. I have never in my life (or since I was a child... since I was a child of the 80's and that just screams leggings and tight jeans!) owned a pair of skinny jeans. So I broke down and ordered a pair online from Old Navy . Yup, I couldn't even bring myself to the store to try them on. This venture makes me nervous and excited. I hope they look good for the sake of my adorable shoes! I will update once they have arrived with whether or not I would recommend them. :)

A Penny for Your Thoughts?

"What do you think stay at home mom's did before Facebook?" That's what my husband said to me the other day. Now don't get me wrong. He totally appreciates all the work that I do throughout the day, and listens when I complain about the outrageous number of diapers that I have changed in a day. But he absolutely has a point... I spend way too much of my day on Facebook! It's become an addiction and I play several games through Facebook daily. Does anyone else have this problem?

Dancing Queen to Laundry Queen....

I really had no idea what to expect when I became pregnant. I'll admit it... I cried. My husband and I wanted a baby. We were trying for a baby. But trying for a baby and finding out you are pregnant are two very different things. I was suddenly overcome with fear. I worried I would be giving up the life I was used to and loved so much. The life of going where I wanted when I wanted. Dancing the night away and sleeping till noon.

Yup, those days are gone.... but with no regret. That's the part I didn't realize. I realized there would be sacrifices, but I didn't realize how easy these sacrifices would be to make. I would rather be home snuggling my baby then hitting the dance floor with the girls.

But today is one of those days... the days where I sit and wonder. Today's wonder is when did I become Queen of the Laundry. There are so many "queens" I would like to be. But this is not one of them. Spit up, spit up, spit up. Yup, that's been my day. How's your day going??


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