Monday, April 18, 2016

Placenta Banking with lifebankUSA

I have loved having the opportunity to share information with you regarding cord blood banking with lifebankUSA. Having the information and the knowledge when making this big decision is crucial. LifebankUSA has a fantastic website that educates you on everything you need to know to make an informed decision for you and your baby. But today I get to share something unique and special, Placenta Banking.

Saving your babies cold blood is something every new parent should be educated about. Knowing the benefits of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is so important. But did you know that you can bank placenta blood in addition to cord blood?

What is Placenta Blood?

Placenta blood is the blood that’s left in the placenta after birth. During your pregnancy, the placenta provides your baby with oxygen, water and essential nutrients and protects your baby against infection. After birth, your baby no longer needs the placenta, but the usefulness of the placenta doesn’t end with delivery. Like the umbilical cord, the placenta blood is a rich source of stem cells which can be collected and stored in case your child or a close family member needs them someday.

Collecting the placenta blood is a quick, easy, and painless process that happens after the placenta is expelled from the mom. 

What are the Benefits of Banking Placenta Blood?

Adding placenta blood banking can make your cord blood collection even more powerful by potentially doubling the number of stem cells that are collected and preserved.5 Here are three reasons why having more stem cells matters:

  • Research studies have shown that transplanting more stem cells can improve transplant success and survival. 
  • Preserving more stem cells means they may be used to treat more than one health condition that may affect your child or other close family member in the future.
  • Placenta blood increases other types of stem cells that have shown promise in regenerative medicine, an area of groundbreaking clinical research that involves the use of stem cells to repair or regrow damaged tissues and organs.

Only lifebankUSA offers this unique and wonderful opportunity. Since you only have one chance to take advantage of this, you should discuss cord blood banking and placenta banking with your family and your doctor before your due date. Having this decision already made will bring peace of mind on your exciting delivery day!

You can visit lifebankUSA for more information on all of the benefits of cord blood and placenta blood banking, and how this blood could help should your child or another family member need it.