Monday, September 30, 2013

Joovy Bumprider - Review

I am so excited to share this awesome new product with you! I have been a long standing fan of Joovy because of the genius behind their products. It's like they are reading the minds of moms and dads and just know what we need.  From their over sized canopies providing the optimal amount of shade, to their infinite position reclining seats. And now they have done it again and brought us an amazing product that makes life easier.

Introducing the Bumprider!
"The Bumprider is the most universal stroller board
available on the market today." -

The first thing I have to say about the Bumprider is how easy it is to put together and attach to your stroller. My husband thinks I am terrible at putting things together... and he's pretty much right. So he watched me open this up and was prepared to laugh and then offer assistance. To his surprise, and my pleasure, I was able to do it all on my own! It was as easy as 1-2-3 (open, snap in the wheels, attach to stroller!).

This product is awesome and just what our family needed! I have a 9 month old and a 4 year old.... so we are often trying to guess what kind of stroller we will need on any given outing. My daughter likes to be independent and walk... most of the time... but has lately been saying she's tired and wants to go in the stroller. Then when we put her in the stroller she wants to get out two seconds later. Enter the Bumprider.

We now have an easy answer to having something ready in case she gets tired that she can easily hop on and off of. And the best part... we can use it with any of our strollers! We tried it out on our Safety First single stroller and our Joovy ScooterX2 double. Each time it was easy to install and adjust to fit the stroller. And the best part is... my daughter loves it! She had a blast getting a ride around the block.

The Bumprider also folds up so that you can have it stored away when it's not in use.
The Bumprider is suitable for children ages 2-5 and up to 44 lbs. You can learn more about this fabulous product on Joovy's website. You will also want to make sure you are following Joovy on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news on their current products and new ones!

*I recieved a Bumprider from Joovy for review purposes. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Disney Princess and Me Dolls - Review

Do you have a little princess in your house? We definitely do! Ever since the day my daughter saw her first Disney Princess movie she has been hooked. I live in a world of singing, dancing, dressing up, and playing princess all day long. And I love every second of it!

A couple of weekends ago Disney had a fabulous weekend filled with some of our favorite Princess movies. "I Am A Princess Weekend" gave us the opportunity to sit down as a family and watch Tangled, Princess and the Frog and Cinderella. And now I get to share with you the perfect way to take your little ones favorite princess character and bring her to life.

Disney's Princess and Me Dolls are a collection of our favorite Disney Princess's brought to life in a stunningly beautiful doll that your little one can make her Princess Best Friend (BPF!). We were fortunate enough to receive one of these magical dolls to check out in person. And we were blown away!

When this little beauty arrived I knew my daughter was going to be in love. She is all about Ariel! This doll stands 18" tall and is wearing the most beautiful outfit. Her hair is silky smooth and her features are just stunning.

Here is a little about this beautiful collection:
Each product in the line is thoughtfully designed with the highest quality materials to give your princess a playing experience she will remember forever:

·       Silky hair that feels real – hair made of Kanekalon; the highest quality of silky hair
·       Eyes that sparkle – Macor eyes features multiple layers of color to give them depth and realistic shine (i.e Cinderella’s eyes are made up of 4 different shades of blue)
·       Mark of trust – a Princess & Me “trust mark” can be found on every item in the line that ensures quality and authenticity
·       Graceful posing – each doll has 6 points of articulation that allows for more flexibility and posability
·       Prefect smiles – each princess’ face is uniquely sculpted and meticulously finished to create a soft, porcelain effect
·       Crowning glory – each princess has her own signature tiara with a high-gloss metallic finish and adorned with rhinestones in their signature colors

This little girl is thrilled! 

I would highly recommend you check out these fabulous dolls at your local Target. They have several to choose from, including Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Merida and more! These would make perfect gifts this coming holiday season. I know I will be looking to add to my daughter's collection!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Get Ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day with Greenbeard the Pirate Pig

Greenbeard the Pirate Pig
by Andrea Torrey Balsara

Greenbeard is a gentle creature who grows lettuce on his small, hilly farm. He eats so much of his crop his beard has turned green! One day a fine salt breeze blows up from the ocean, awakens his sense of Adventure and leads him down the hill to seek the dashing daring life of a pirate. The set contains a 32-page Chapter Book as well as an 8" plush Greenbeard toy with intricate details that will bring the beautiful illustrations to life! Author Andrea Torrey Balsara is best known for her children's books that "encourage kids to enjoy the wild ride of self-discovery" just as Greenbeard does as he transforms himself from a humble farmer to adventure-seeking pirate through his own initiative and hard work.

My Thoughts:
My daughter is head over heels for Greenbeard! As soon as she saw that this book came with a cuddly friend she was beyond excited to learn his tale and help him come to life. As we are busy getting ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day (coming soon! September 19th) this book was the perfect way to really get in the pirate spirit.

Greenbeard is lovable from the start, but he becomes so much more enchanting as he begins his transformation and adventure from his normal, every day farm life and begins to talk and act like a pirate. We have been reading a few pages each night in anticipation of the big day. My daughter is busy practicing her ahoy's and arr's just like her cuddly friend, Greenbeard.

This is the perfect book to share with your children in anticipation of Talk Like a Pirate Day... or any day you are looking for adventure and fun! And be sure to click HERE for some fun activities!

Simply comment below that you would like to win a copy of this wonderful book! Open to US only. Ends 10/1/13.

Monday, September 16, 2013

ROCKABYE BABY - Lullaby Reditions of Michael Jackson

Rockabye Baby CD's have been in my life since my daughter was a baby. I just love them! I look forward to nap time every day so that I can cuddle up in my glider with my baby and rock to the familiar tunes I have loved for years. What they have managed to do with popular music being transformed into soothing lullaby's is truly magical.

Rockabye Baby has so many different types of music. From renditions of The Beach Boys to Black Sabbath.... there is something for every music loving parents ready to pass down their favorite tunes to their little ones.

When I heard that they were releasing Lullaby Renditions of Michael Jackson I just knew that I had to hear it. As a child of the 80's MJ and I go way back. I was so impressed that they managed to capture the classic beat, rhythm and groove to some of my favorite Michael Jackson songs. Yet they have been transformed into a relaxing lullaby that never fails at soothing my son to sleep.

Being able to rock my son while listening to music that I enjoy is fantastic. There is only so much twinkle twinkle a mom can take. But with Rockabye Baby I can hear the music I love and sing the lyrics in my head... or out loud when he's drifting off.

I would highly recommend you check out Rockabye Baby's website to see their complete collection of artists. I am sure you will find something you love! And you can even hear a sampling of the lullaby's so you can really understand the magic behind the music.

The Buccaneering Book of Pirates

The Buccaneering Book of Pirates
by Saviour Pirotta
illustrated by Mark Robertson

Ahoy, matey! Meet a larger-than-life buccaneer ready for adventure. This picture book follow-up to The Giant Book of Giants features a removable, pop-up pirate poster that's over four feet tall, with lift-the-flaps and pockets containing treasures tucked inside. Six vibrantly illustrated and action-packed tall tales complete the high-seas fun.

The six stories include: Treasure Island, The Corsair Captain, The Captain's Secret, Davy Jones' Locker, The Pirate Queen and A Royal Pardon.

Recommended for ages 6-9

My Thoughts:
Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming! September 19th is the big day to break out your ahoys, arr's, and other pirate lingo. We love this day in our house and can get a little silly. So this book has been a blast for getting ready for the big day!

My daughter's favorite part of this book is definitely the pull out poster. It's basically as big as her and is an adventure all in itself. She loves exploring the flaps and pockets to see what's inside. It has been a great learning experience as she asks what things are and why pirates have them. From the parrot to the wooden leg to the eye patch and jewels.... this poster has opened a whole new pirate world to her!

My favorite part has been sharing the stories. We are reading one fun pirate tale a night leading up to Talk Like a Pirate Day. I love the illustrations and my daughter is really enjoying the tales. It has been a very fun book for us to enjoy as a family. 

Hurry out and grab a copy before the big day and start practicing your pirate lingo!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HUB Network's Hallween Bash!

The Hub Network, a destination for kids and their families, will host the first “Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash,” to be broadcast on Saturday, October 26, 2013 on the cable channel.

The special will be hosted by Kenan Thompson (“Saturday Night Live”), along with Halloween expert Martha Stewart who will lead a panel of celebrity judges, and includes music performances and a nationwide costume competition where 50 semi-finalists from each state will head to Los Angeles to be a part of the two-hour star-studded event.

One lucky winner will win $25,000 and a walk-on role on the Hub Network’s Daytime Emmy® Award-winning series, “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series.”

The “Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash” costume competition is open to all ages, including individuals or a maximum of five people per group submission.

Participants are encouraged to create eye-popping, hair-raising and spooky costumes within one of the following six categories:

·         Howl-arious – Shows the lighter side of Halloween with a take on a fun, funny or otherwise hilarious costume.

·         Spook-tacular – Get ready to frighten America by showcasing the most spine-chilling costume for all the ghosts and ghouls out there.

·         Mad Genius – Unique, original, innovative and never seen before. A knight in armor fashioned from bottle caps, bat wings made from old umbrellas, or a cardboard-box jetpack, the possibilities are endless. Display a costume unlike any other — show your Mad Genius.

·         Blast from the Past – Take a stroll down memory lane with a timeless costume. Memories, nostalgia and yesteryear brought to life. Show your take on great figures from before the 20thcentury or a retro 50’s sock hop get up, 60’s flower child or other “period” inspired costumes.

·         Animal Kingdom – Transform into a living creature from the past or present. Be a roaring lion, a school of jellyfish, a firefly, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

·         Everyday Stuff – We're looking for the coolest refrigerator/freezer, remote control, mailbox, block of Swiss cheese, telephone and more.  Be creative and transform the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.

For more information on how to enter, as well as to check out the latest entries, please visit and also the video on youtube. The deadline to enter is Sunday, September 29, 2013.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Staying Fresh with New Renuzit Cones

September is here! Is anyone else really excited for fall? I am going to miss the summer... but there is something about fall. The crisp weather, the pumpkin picking, all the fun drinks like apple cider and pumpkin spice latte's! Every time a new season arrived I get very excited for all that is in store. But every time a new season arrives it also means it's time for a deep clean of my house. Sigh

I love keeping my house fresh and clean. But with two kids running around it's anything but easy. So I am always on the lookout for ways to enhance the freshness and keep my house smelling clean and welcoming. Especially during the busy holiday season that is upon us.

Candles have always been my go-to freshness booster. I love the variety of smells you can find and walking into a room where the aroma fills the air is fabulous. But with little kids (and a fireman father who always warns me about the dangers of candles) I have put the candles away. Time for something new.

Renuzit has just what I'm looking for! I was super excited to receive a sample pack of their New Renuzit Cones. Check out how awesome my kit was..... 

So why do I love the new Renuzit cones so much? Well my number 1, 2, and 3 reasons are cost, availability, and variety. Seriously.... each cone was retailing for 97 cents at my local Walmart. That's unbeatable! And the fact that they are available at Walmart means I can easily pick them up whenever I need them. And there are SO many different scents to choose from. I will never get bored with a scent and can match scents to my mood, room decor, or season.

So I hopped on down to my local Walmart to check out the situation on the New Renuzit Cones. I found them right away and was excited to check out some of the new scents. I was also excited to see how popular they are already! There were gaps in the shelves... time to restock! But there were still plenty to pick from. And I found a new scent I had to have... Pumpkin Latte!

So I headed home to my kit with some new scents in tow and started to think about what I wanted to try first. I decided to cover the most used room in my house first... the family room.

My kit came with After the Rain, Simply Vanilla, Tahitian Breeze and Hawaiian Oasis. Since I was just about to get started with my fall cleaning I decided to go with After the Rain because it sounded so fresh and clean.  I put it up on a shelf to avoid little hands finding it and playing with it. And that was it! I can leave it there and enjoy the fresh scent each and every day.


My husband noticed the fresh scent as soon as he got home. I am definitely hooked on these cones. They are easy, affordable and they work. This is just what this busy mom needs!

*GIVEAWAY* I have 10 coupons for $1 off.... you know what that means, right? They would be FREE! Five readers will each win 2 coupons so you can try them for yourselves!

*The Renuzit brand provided me with sample Renuzit cones in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.

Are You a Princess?

Are you a princess... or do you have a princess in your house? I have always felt like I was meant to be a princess and I have definitely passed that on to my daughter! Every day is filled with dress up, singing and dancing. It's like living in our own little Disney movie!

My daughter has grown up on Disney movies and all the princesses are tops on her list! So this weekend we are celebrating being a princess with "I Am A Princess Weekend!" Three fabulous movies will be on the Disney Channel this weekend... and you won't want to miss any of them!

I Am A Princess Weekend on Disney Video
So... what makes you a princess? Is it your good heart? Your love of animals? Your sense of adventure?