Monday, June 10, 2013

Cate and Levi - New Puppets!

My kids love Cate and Levi's puppets... and so do I. My daughter thinks they are super cute and could spend hours putting on a puppet show for us. I like them for a few more reasons besides the fact that they are super cute (which they are!).

Cate and Levi are a Canadian based company that uses all natural and reclaimed materials to create their gorgeous one of a kind items. Each item is literally one of a kind with no two items being exactly the same. So while being environmentally friendly they are also providing with a unique and special item to love.

Cate and Levi offers a great assortment of products from puppets to backpacks to blankets and more. And they recently expanded their line of puppets by adding some new adorable faces. My family was lucky enough to get the chance to check one of them out in person!

When I was asked to pick one of the new puppets for review I had to think about it for awhile. The duck, shark, horse, dragon, kangaroo and joey, and elephant all had something special about them. But ultimately I fell in love with the elephant!

The detail in this little guy is amazing. I am blown away by the quality and can tell that this puppet is built to last. When I can find a toy that encourages my daughter to use her imagination and be as creative as possible I am sold. Cate and Levi does just that... they provide a quality product at an affordable price. They are a small business making a big difference.

Our elephant has found a happy spot on our puppet stand. He comes out often to visit and can often be found sneaking up behind you when you're sitting on the couch. I love every minute of watching my daughter become her elephant friend. I love the stories and creativity that emerges with this adorable puppet.

Check out Cate and Levi to learn more and see all their cute puppets and other products!