Monday, September 16, 2013

The Buccaneering Book of Pirates

The Buccaneering Book of Pirates
by Saviour Pirotta
illustrated by Mark Robertson

Ahoy, matey! Meet a larger-than-life buccaneer ready for adventure. This picture book follow-up to The Giant Book of Giants features a removable, pop-up pirate poster that's over four feet tall, with lift-the-flaps and pockets containing treasures tucked inside. Six vibrantly illustrated and action-packed tall tales complete the high-seas fun.

The six stories include: Treasure Island, The Corsair Captain, The Captain's Secret, Davy Jones' Locker, The Pirate Queen and A Royal Pardon.

Recommended for ages 6-9

My Thoughts:
Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming! September 19th is the big day to break out your ahoys, arr's, and other pirate lingo. We love this day in our house and can get a little silly. So this book has been a blast for getting ready for the big day!

My daughter's favorite part of this book is definitely the pull out poster. It's basically as big as her and is an adventure all in itself. She loves exploring the flaps and pockets to see what's inside. It has been a great learning experience as she asks what things are and why pirates have them. From the parrot to the wooden leg to the eye patch and jewels.... this poster has opened a whole new pirate world to her!

My favorite part has been sharing the stories. We are reading one fun pirate tale a night leading up to Talk Like a Pirate Day. I love the illustrations and my daughter is really enjoying the tales. It has been a very fun book for us to enjoy as a family. 

Hurry out and grab a copy before the big day and start practicing your pirate lingo!