Monday, October 7, 2013

Sprinkles! - A Book Review

by Jackie Alpers
Release Date: October 15th

Here’s a guide to baking delicious desserts with a colorful twist: sprinkles! Of course you can scatter them over cakes and pies—but you can also swirl them into waffles, “embroider” them on cookies, and freeze them in pretty popsicles. Jackie Alpers shares dozens of creative, colorful, super-fun recipes, plus quick-and-easy projects (ideal for little kids), holiday treats, party-perfect sprinkles crafts (great for gifting!).

She also offers simple tutorials for tinting sparkling sugars, concocting homemade pop rocks, and even crafting your own sprinkles from scratch. Sprinkles! is an awesome rainbow explosion of a cookbook you won’t want to miss.

JACKIE ALPERS is an award-winning photographer who writes, cooks, and styles recipes in her sun-lit studio and documents food and travel adventures on location. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.

My Thoughts:
If there is one thing my little girl loves... it's sprinkles! So having an entire book filled with recipes and ideas for yummy treats that my daughter and I can make together is priceless. Sprinkles! is the perfect addition to our cook book collection. It focuses on all things yummy and pretty. My daughter and I sat down to flip through and look at the pictures. She got so excited and began pointing out all of the things she wanted to make.

I love this book because it's full of all kinds of fun information I never thought I needed to know... but will be a far better baker now. From the different kinds of sprinkles to the different ways to put them on. Decorating will be more fun and more successful! And did you know... you can make your own sprinkles?

We have a list of recipes to try from home-made pop tarts to Sprinkles-Stuffed French Toast. We can't wait to get sprinkling!