Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: CleanSmart Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

The Holiday Season is upon us! And with it comes spending lots of time out in the malls, shaking hands with old friends and new, visiting with friends and family... and just general exposure to germs! As a mom of 2 little ones I am always looking for ways to protect my family and be sure that we will be able to enjoy a healthy Holiday.

CleanSmart was kind enough to send my family some samples of their alcohol-free moisturizing gel and hydrating spray. Here's the CleanSmart story:

  • Kills 99.9% of Germs, keeping you and your family healthy this cold and flu season.
  • CleanSmart is naturally moisturizing. Your hands won't dry out from regular use like it does with alcohol-based products.
  • No odor! CleanSmart is Hypoallergenic, and virtually fragrance free.
  • Contains Hydrochlorous acid, the same chemical your body's immune system produces to fight germs and infection.
  • In addition to being alcohol-free, CleanSmart contains no Triclosan or BZK.
  • It's gentle on hands, the environment and safe enough to use on kids.
I have been very pleased with CleanSmart over the past couple of weeks. My husband and my daughter both seem to suffer from dry skin all winter long. I am constantly moisturizing their hands. So learning that this product won't dry out skin was a major plus for me. I also have a 1 year old who loves to put his hands in his mouth... so alcohol free and safe for kids was huge!

I have been carrying CleanSmart in my purse and using it when I pick my daughter up from school, when we leave stores, before we eat at restaurants and pretty much whenever I can to help prevent my kids from getting sick. I would definitely recommend you check out CleanSmart!