Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Disney Side @Home Celebration!

Our Disney party was a HUGE success! The kids and adults all had a blast. I was so excited to show everyone my Disney Side... even though everyone at the party already knows that I am a Disney addict. But it was fun to hear about other people's visits to Disney World, find out what their favorite Disney movies are, and just have a really good time together!

My kids were super excited to dress for the occassion!
Goodie bags were stuffed with all of Mickey's favorite things...
And we even had a bunch of prizes for the kids to win when playing BINGO and other fun games!

Chocolate Mickey Pops and Mickey inspired cookies were a huge hit!

Smiles were everywhere!

Thanks so much to Disney @Home Celebrations for providing me with an amazing kit to my my party a huge success! How do you show your Disney Side?