Monday, October 13, 2014

Bramble and Maggie - Early Reader Series

My oldest is a kindergartner this year! It's a little sad that she is so big, but it's also so amazing to see how excited she is to learn. She has settled into her new position very nicely and loves to come home and tell me all the things she is learning and doing in school. She is even excited to do homework!

Part of her homework is to read with a parent every night for about 20 minutes. So my husband and I decided that this is a great time in her life to introduce some early readers, so that she can start following a story over the course of several days. So I was really excited to learn about an early reader series that sounded just like something she would love, Bramble and Maggie.

This series focuses on a horse-crazy girl, Maggie, and a stubborn, yet lovable horse, Bramble. The first book introduces us to these fun characters and how they come to find each other and create a real bond. My daughter was really able to relate to Maggie, as they share a love for horses. And she found Brambles personality to be silly and funny.

This is my daughter taking care of her favorite horse, Minnie.

The next two books follow Bramble and Maggie on new adventures in Give and Take; which is a fantastic story for children my daughter's age to learn about how you don't always have to want to do what your friends want to do but it's important to work together and give and take, and Spooky Season; which was my daughter's favorite book because it's Halloween season and she loves all things spooky!

The newest book takes place just before Halloween, and Bramble gets a little frisky at the sights and sounds--is the scarecrow real? What is the crunchy sound the leaves make? When Halloween comes, can Maggie trust Bramble to brave the tricks and lead them both safely to the treats?

I would highly recommend this fun early reader series for the new readers in your life. The books have such a nice flow and keep the readers engaged and interested. Not to mention that they have fantastic full-color illustrations to help bring the story to life! I really enjoyed reading these stories with my daughter and having a fun bonding time.

You can also check out Jessie Haas's website where you will find a free curriculum guide for all three books. This free resource can help you make the most out of your reading time and support reading comprehension and more!

* I received copies of the books for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.