Tuesday, January 27, 2015

LifeBankUSA Peace of Mind Contest

Placenta tissue banking is a potential game changer in regenerative medicine.

LifebankUSA, owned by Celgene Corporation, is the only cord blood bank processing material for FDA-approved clinical trials using stem cells from placental tissue. These stem cells are being used to treat patients with serious conditions, including diabetic foot ulcers. LifebankUSA preserves your baby’s placental tissue using the same steps taken for processing stem cells for our FDA-approved clinical trials. No other cord blood company can claim that. Tissue banking is simply one additional layer of protection and peace of mind for you and your family offered by LifebankUSA. †

†Clients will be responsible for the cost of shipping the tissue and any culturing or expansion of the cells.

GIVEAWAY! As moms... and moms to be... we know the importance of the health and well being of our children. LifeBank helps us get off to a great start from the very beginning. And now they are going to help 3 lucky moms with some great peace of minds as they settle into life at home with a newborn with this amazing Uniden Lullaboo Video Baby Monitor!

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