Monday, March 16, 2015

Rufus Goes to Sea

In RUFUS GOES TO SEA (Sterling Children’s Books, April 2015) by Kim T. Griswell, our favorite pig Rufus is back and dreaming of days filled with adventure – aboard a pirate ship!

Rufus is ready to join the crew… but Captain Wibblyshins says, “No Pigs on pirate ships!” After all, everyone knows that pigs get tangled in the rat lines, picnic in the crow's nest, and even wipe their chins with the Jolly Roger. Can Rufus convince the Captain that he's worthy of joining the crew? Could his ticket to pirate-hood be… reading?!

Kids will love seeing Rufus conquer new worlds in this delightful follow-up to Rufus Goes to School (Sterling Children’s Books, 2013).

Kim T. Griswell is a developmental editor for Uncle John's Bathroom Readers and the former coordinating editor of Highlights for Kids. She helps develop and teach writers' workshops with the Highlights Foundation and has taught with the Institute for Children's Literature.  Kim is the author of the popular Rufus Goes to School (2013) and has published more than 200 short stories, articles, and columns.

Illustrator Valeri Gorbachev has written and/or illustrated more than 50 children's books, including Rufus Goes to School (2013), Turtle's Penguin Day and The Giant Hug (both Knopf).

My Thoughts:
This is an adorable and funny story that has my kids totally entertained! We are familiar with the quirky star, Rufus. My daughter started kindergarten this year, so we met this persistent pig when he went off to school. It has been a great way for us to talk about how wonderful school it and all the fun things you can learn there. Rufus wanted to go so badly so that he could learn to read.... and my daughter wants to learn to read, too. So they are pals.

When we sat down to head out on this high seas adventure with Rufus, she was so excited! She couldn't wait to see what he was up to on his summer vacation from school. Of course, things don't come easy for Rufus and he has to fight for what he wants again. But this sweet pig knows what he wants and will figure out a way to make it happen.

We really enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend it as a great addition to your book collection!