Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Strange Magic

A Music-filled Fairy Tale About Finding Love in the Unlikeliest of Places

Everyone Deserves to be Loved
On DVD and Digital May 19th.

“Strange Magic” is a music-filled fairy tale about finding true love in the unlikeliest of places. This magical adventure features a host of colorful characters including a princess who has sworn off love, a dubious villain, a slightly nutty Sugar Plum Fairy, a tenacious elf, a mischievous imp, and a knight who is no Prince Charming. Bring home the enchanting tale the whole family can enjoy today!

VOICE TALENT:          
Evan Rachel Wood (“The Wrestler,” “Across The Universe”) as Marianne, Kristin Chenoweth (“Rio 2,” “Bewitched”) as Sugar Plum Fairy, Alan Cumming (TV’s “The Good Wife,” “X-Men 2”) as Bog King, Maya Rudolf (“Bridesmaids,” “Grown Ups 2”) as Griselda.

DIRECTOR:                        Gary Rydstrom (Pixar’s Lifted and Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation)

STORY BY:                          George Lucas (“Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens”)

RELEASE DATE:                 May 19, 2015

BONUS FEATURES:           Magical Mash Up: Outtakes, Test and Melodies

                                             Creating the Magic

PRODUCT INFO:               DVD, Digital HD/SD and On-Demand

GENRE:                                Animation

RATINGS:                             PG

FEATURE RUN TIME:         100 minutes
ASPECT RATIO:                   2.35:1
AUDIO:                                  5.1 Dolby
LANGUAGES:                       English

My Thoughts:
I could really write two reviews for this movie... one from an adult's perspective and one from a child's. But either way... the movie is fabulous. The adult side of me is still singing the songs. Yes, the soundtrack is amazing. And reeling with anger toward that sneaky, betraying prince while rooting for the strong princess. The child side of me is still fascinated by this magical world that I was transported to with stunning animation... where magic potions and Sugar Plum Fairies exist.

My daughter is 5 and she fell in love with this movie. From the fun music, to the likable characters (of course the princess, Marianne, was her favorite), to all kinds of magic, adventure, and romance. I was concerned that it would be too dark for her, or heavy with the whole "Midsummer Night's Dream" connection... but she was totally taken with the magic of the whole thing.

The characters are funny and full of personality, the music is fantastic, the animation is beautiful, the story is much more family friendly than I imagined. Overall, it was an incredible family film experience. And one that we will watch again and again!