Monday, November 28, 2016

Lily the Fancipoo

By Rebekah Phillips
and Sharon Gonyaw

"Meet Lily! Lily is quite the spoiled pooch! However, as much as Lily the Fancipoo has...she is really very lonely and longs for some friends! When her family decides to take a Holiday vacation, Lily is sent to spend some time with her cousins in the country and learns that love far outweighs the benefits of material things! Children will enjoy seeing Lily transform as she lets down her guard and begins to enjoy the farm."

My Thoughts:
My seven year old went crazy for this book! She loved the story of Lily and all of the lessons she learned throughout the story. But perhaps her favorite part is the lovable stuffed Lily that she now sleeps with and takes care of on a daily basis. She also loved Lottie, the little mouse who is hiding on each page. She read the book to her little brother and had him hunt for Lottie throughout the story.

This would make a great gift this holiday season. This book was written and illustrated be Rebekah Phillips, who also has more titles to share with readers (my son is already asking for Piper was Afraid!). But this is the first time she collaborated with her mom, making this a very special book for them and the readers.

You can purchase this wonderful set from Amazon. You can also learn more about Rebekah and her work on her website.


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