Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where does the time go?

Are you ready for 2010? I'm not. Usually I feel indifferent to the New Year, but this year I'm actually sad to say good-bye to 2009. It was such an incredible year for me. And I already feel like my baby girl is growing up way too fast! The fact that it won't even be the same calendar year that she was born makes me so sad!! I know, I know... I have so much to look forward to in the upcoming year! She will learn to walk, talk, have her first birthday. Ok, maybe I'm a little bit excited.

I'm also feeling nervous about the changes coming in 2010. Most notably me returning to work part-time. As I mentioned in my previous post I will be working 2 days a week. I know, it's not much. But I am already getting so anxious about being away from my baby all day!! Deep breaths!

Well, enough about the future, lets talk about the past! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! We most certainly did! For the baby's First Christmas Santa got her a 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid! Ok, so I was born the year Cabbage Patch Kids came out. They were HUGE when I was little and almost impossible to find. So my husband and I both still have our original Kids. I wanted to make sure that my little girl had one too! So last year they celebrated their 25th Anniversary and you could get the original dolls! Awesome! So I ordered directly from their website, as I couldn't find them anywhere else (at least not for a reasonable price). If you want one for your child... get it now!