Sunday, December 13, 2009


A month? Really... I've been gone for a month? Wow, my apologies! I just get this up and running and I abandon my readers for a solid month! Well, while I don't feel it excuses me I am dealing with BABY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS!!!

Yes, this monumental event has taken over my existence. My house has been transformed into the North Pole. I kid you not, every room has at least something Christmas related in it... down to the pine scented hand soap in the guest bath. It's so true that the Holidays take on a whole new meaning when you have children.

Aside from decking the halls at home, we have also been trying to get some of the traditional experiences done with our little girl. This has been hard to do with my serious fear of Swine Flu and every other germ related illness! I would put my baby in a bubble if I could! But we did venture out to Santa Land. The experience was....memorable. For all those who say our baby never cries...bring Santa into the picture. She's not so jolly around the big guy.

While Christmas is less than two weeks away... and I am hosting two major family events at our house.... I will do my best to get back on my blogging feet! Happy Holidays!