Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cate and Levi - People Puppets Review

Cate and Levi is a wonderful company! This is my second time working with them on a review of their products and I am still blown away by the quality of their products. This company is located in Canada and uses all natural and reclaimed materials to create their gorgeous one of a kind items. Each item is literally one of a kind with no two being exactly the same.

Cate and Levi offers a great variety of products for children from puppets to backpacks to to clothing and more.  For this review I got to check out their very awesome People Puppets.  I am a big fan of puppets because of the way they encourage children to use their imaginations. There are no buttons or noise makers, so kids can really run wild with their own imaginations.

My daughter is princess crazy right now, so we received the Princess puppet. It is 12" high and made of reclaimed wool. My daughter absolutely adores it and runs around with it on her hand making up stories about her princess. It's truly magical to watch her play with it.

The People Puppets come in a nice variety of people. There are perfect matched for boys and girls with a princess, a pirate, a fireman, and a nurse. These are high quality toys that will last for years and encourage wonderful imaginative play.