Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CelebrityMe Review

CelebrityMe is definitely my kind of game. A few years ago, before I had my daughter, you could often find me getting lost in virtual reality games for hours upon hours at a time. I love the virtual reality worlds where you can  pick your clothes, participate in missions, build relationships, and basically create a whole new life.

Since my daughter was born my time spent playing games on the computer has drastically dropped. Between finding the disk, sitting around for the loading time, and then the long wait times within the game... it just wasn't in the cards. So when I learned about CelebrityMe I was really excited.

CelebrityMe is played through facebook, so there's no disk and it starts up immediately. Here is a little about the game:

About the game: CelebrityMe is a game that lets you be the star, cast your friends in the supporting roles and live out your celebrity fantasies.  As you play the game, you will come across some fun partnerships we've set up including Titanic 3D, Taylor Guitars, and a live entertainment news feed.
Check out my character doing some shopping for a rock and roll outfit!
I have been having a blast exploring this new game. I began my journey at a premiere fro a movie that I, of course, starred in. After having my picture taken my the paparazzi I had to pick the perfect outfit for the event. My days and nights have been filled with shopping for the hottest clothes, visiting the best clubs, and socializing with the hippest people. 

This game interacts with your friends list on facebook, so the more friends you have playing the more interacting you can do. You can cast your friends in starring roles and share your "youtube highlights" right to your facebook page.

As you meet new people, go new places, and complete new tasks you are rewarded. It's a really fun game that you can play in short tid bots of time. I try to play for 20 minutes twice a day and it's a blast! I love how every time you play it's new and exciting. Be sure to follow CelebrityMe on twitter to keep up to date on the newest features.