Friday, October 5, 2012

To Sprinkle or Not to Sprinkle

When we found out we were pregnant with our second we started to talk about whether or not we should register. I knew I didn't want another shower. I didn't feel comfortable inviting 40 people to buy me another baby gift just 3 years after they bought me one for my daughter. Plus, I did get most of the basics and equipment in neutral colors.

None the less, there was definitely still stuff we needed. For starters... clothes! I couldn't believe how few gender neutral clothes we had. Everything was pink and this baby is a boy. Plus, my daughter was born in the spring and this baby is due in the winter.

We also had lots of sleep sacks and swaddles in pink. So this became a debate. I didn't think it was a huge deal for him to wear a pink sleep sack. My husband felt a little differently and wanted to get some cute boy colors and prints.

So we started a registry with only about 20 items on it. And then we had the talk with my family about whether or not we would take part in the new trend of Sprinkles. I personally feel like every baby should be celebrated. I was fine with it being a "gift-free" event. All I wanted was a cake and some family around to celebrate. I also wanted to do something to celebrate to help show my daughter how excited we are and to make her a part of it.

Ultimately we decided to have a Sprinkle. It was 10 of our closest family and friends. We had it in the middle of the afternoon and served lots of yummy appetizers and a huge selection of desserts. We had it at my mom's house and it was perfect. We all fit around the dining room table to eat and make a craft. And we all fit in the living room to open the very generous gifts we received. My daughter was super excited to be a part of the day and helped open all the presents. I would say it was the right decision for us.

Did you have a Sprinkle or second baby shower? Or do you feel they are unnecessary?


Tara Oliver said...

I think they are a good idea if you are having a baby of a different gender! Why not? I just had one even though I already have two girls. But now I'm having twins (one is a boy), so I had a shower and people brought diapers, clothes, and frozen dinners. I was also surprised that some people came up with other things I could use, like blankets, car-seat covers, and cute hats. So I am definitely a believer. :)

Lara said...

Awesome! Congratulations!! Yeah, we always need things... sometimes things we never even thought about. And with twins you need two of everything! Good luck!