Friday, December 7, 2012

SUPERPRETZEL Sweet Cinnamon - Review

SUPERPRETZEL Sweet Cinnamon Pretzel
From J&J Snacks

Delicious when eaten plain, topped with cinnamon sugar, dunked in icing, dipped in chocolate sauce or sandwiched with ice cream, this sweet treat is line priced with the Original SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzels and can be found right next to them on the shelf!
  • Cinnamon infused sweet dough with a cinnamon sugar packet included in the box
  • Perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert
  • Found in the frozen snacks section of your local retail store & NOW available at your local supercenter
  • Fun recipe ideas!
My Thoughts:
Oh yum! Yes, these pretzels are an easy and delicious treat. Our family was excited to give these a try. I love  soft pretzels and was very intrigued by the sweet cinnamon flavor. My husband whipped these up one night for dessert and we all agreed that they are a winner!

I am excited to do some more experimenting with these pretzels. I love the idea of serving them with ice cream!

You can learn more about these sweet treats at and And look for them at your local food store!


ElmoFan said...

Yum. Looks so good.

Show Me Mama said...

I love, love Sweet cinnamon it is so delicious. She is enjoying it:) Thanks for sharing. Yummy!