Monday, January 28, 2013

Mommy Moment

This picture pretty much says it all. The first couple of days with a new baby were not the best experience for my daughter. Let's back track.... if you read my birth story you know how she reacted to our gender reveal. She quickly grew into the idea of a brother and started telling everyone she was going to be a big sister! She couldn't wait to go to my parents house for the big sleepover while mommy had the baby. All seemed well... so off I went to the hospital with visions of a perfect family dancing in my head.

My parents were in the waiting room from the time I was supposed to go into surgery at 8 am. Of course things were delayed and our beautiful little boy wasn't born until 9:02. My husband headed to the nursery with him and brought my parents and daughter to see him through the glass.

She was ecstatic! She could not wait to see her new brother and mommy. My parents took her home while I was in recovery and came back a few hours later when I was settled into my room. She pranced into the roo m only to basically freeze in her tracks. I think she was completely taken by surprise to see her mommy in a hospital bed all hooked up to different things.

I did my best to make her feel at ease and my mom held the baby so she could get a closer look. She crept over to the baby, said "oh he's so cute," and leaned in to kiss him on the forehead. To her surprise she got a nice shock from her kiss!

It took her by surprise and she cried out saying the baby hurt her and she was never going near him again. She was brought over to me so I could comfort her..... I lean in to kiss her and she gets a shock from me! Darn hospitals creating static electricity!

She then announced she was never coming near me or the baby ever again! She then asked my mom to take her "home"... back to their house. The next few days she didn't even want to come in the room... much less near me or the baby. Things didn't improve until we got home. Then she got up the courage to get close to hom and proudly exclaimed "I didn't get a shock!"

Now she hugs and kisses him all the time... sometimes still exclaiming "I didn't get a shock!"

How did your older kids react to a new baby?


Show Me Mama said...

wow, I know it must have been hard to see her mommy in the hospital and all but I am glad she is doing great with the little one. You have an lovely family1 well, when we first told my daughter we were having a baby she was quite excited about the idea and when we told her it was a boy she picked the name. She is doing great and helping me out with her little brother, but sometimes she wants the one on one attention, so I have 2 days set aside for her that will be mommy and daughter time. She loves it alot. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. Love to read it.

Lara said...

I love the idea of setting aside special mommy/daughter time. I think we will have to work that into our schedule. I take her to all her activities without the baby... but that's not really quality time since she goes off with her friends. Thanks so much for sharing that idea!