Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wooby and Peep - By Cynthea Liu

By Cynthea Liu
Illustrated by Mary Peterson

Opposites attract and become fast friends in this quirky, funny picture book.

Wooby lives in a nice, quiet neighborhood where everyone minds his own business. And he likes it that way. Then noisy, energetic Peep moves next door with her banging and smashing and crashing. She even gives a "wild" PARTY! At first, shy Wooby is beside himself - until he realizes that he and Peep have more in common than he ever imagined. Hilarious comic-book panels throughout add fun and joy to this unique story.

My Thoughts:
I love stories about unlikely friends because I think they send such a good message to children. In this book you learn about two characters who couldn't be more different. They don't seem to have anything in common, but Wooby does something no one else will do for Peep... he goes to his party. 

Peep and Wooby really don't hit it off. But Peep continues to try to be Wooby's friend. His attempts often lead to disaster and you only imagine that they two will never be able to be friends. However, these two overcome their differences and celebrate what they do have in common. A friendship is made and celebrated!

There is no better message to share with your children then to accept another's differences and look for something you can connect with them about. Tolerance, acceptance, and friendship are great themes in this fun book. And the illustrations are fabulous! With so much to look at and explore on each page my daughter stayed fully engaged while we read this story together!