Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When We Go Walking

When We Go Walking
By Cari Best 
Illustrated By Krysten Brooker

Wendy and her exuberant family of walkers discovers new things on Rambling Road every day in all kinds of weather. No one keeps the things they find except for Wendy: numbers and letters, ribbon and string, a bucket, a ball, a wheel from a wagon. But what will she do with all this stuff. One snowy day when no one can go walking, Wendy uses her treasure trove of found objects to create her own special version of Rambling Road for her family to share and celebrate. Full of surprises on every page, this is a book that will inspire young children to walk, discover, and create on their own.

My Thoughts:
This is a fabulous book! I loved sharing this story with my daughter because of all the wonderful things it encourages. Our family loves to take walks in the spring. And now that my daughter is a little older we like to look at things and for things as we walk. We point out animals and flowers. And sometimes we stop to pick up a cool rock or look at a work wriggling on the sidewalk. 

I love that Wendy and her family spend that special time together. But when the weather changes we often find ourselves spending family time on the couch rather then out walking. Now Wendy has inspired us to get creative! Wendy and her family get to continue their adventures on their very own Rambling Road... so why can't we? This spring we will look for fun things to collect and then rediscover this winter when we are trapped inside. 

This is a fun book to read with your family and use as inspiration to get out and explore! 


Show Me Mama said...

It looks like a great book. It literally describes my daughter. Every time we go out for a walk she always picks up everything and anything. She even tries to pick rocks from the neighbors yard so she can make something at home, which she end up putting back after she finds a better one :). Looks like i have to get this book for her. She will love it. thanks for sharing this.]