Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Like Bug Juice On A Burger - Book Review

Like Bug Juice On A Burger
By Julie Sternberg

In LIKE BUG JUICE ON A BURGER, the school year is almost over and Eleanor will soon be off to her first summer camp. She excited about carrying on the family tradition at Camp Wallumwahpuck, but when she gets there, she finds icky bugs, terrible food, and worst of all.... swim class, where she just can't seem to keep her head above water. This adorable book will show kids that even if life is full of belly flops, you just might make a new friend along the way. (Grades 2-4)

My Thoughts:
I love that this book is so relatable for kids. We have all experienced that feeling of being so excited for something new... almost romanticizing what it's going to be like... only to find ourselves disappointed. For Eleanor it's the fact that she doesn't love summer camp. As much as she wants to... she just doesn't.

This book is silly and fun. Two things that will keep kids reading. It's a story that kids can relate to and learn from. I love that the book doesn't portray that Eleanor ends up loving camp. Instead, it's takes the realistic approach that we can find the good in things. We can make our own fun and new friends. Even if we never want to go back to camp again... we can make the best of a situation and end up having fun!

This is a great book for kids to read this summer! And you can click HERE for some fun activities to go along with this book.