Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm Not Cute! - Sterling Children's Books

I'm Not Cute!
By Jonathan Allen

Welcome back, Baby Owl! With visions of himself as a "huge, scary, sleek, sharp-eyed hunting machine," the adorable little creature goes out for a walk in the woods. But every animal he meets thinks he's so cute, fluffy, and huggable! Poor Baby Owl. "I'm not cute!" he shouts. Then mom comes along - and she agrees, before coming up with the perfect solution. It's a real hoot that every kid will relate to.

$16.95 (CAN $18.95) - Hardcover with Jacket - Ages 3 to 5

My Thoughts:
This book is endearing and engaging. Those are two things I am always looking for when I settle in with my daughter for a story before bed. My daughter and Baby Owl have some things in common. My little one is 4 going on 16. She is miss independent and she has the self confidence to maker her truly believe that she is unstoppable. And while she can still says she's cute... she can't stand when I call her my baby. In her eyes she is all grown up, ready to tackle the word, and I am just holding her back when I want to cuddle just a few minutes more. 

We really enjoyed reading this story together... and I loved how it opened a door for me to tell her... you are a big girl, you can be independent in many way, the world is at your hands... but you can also still be my baby. You can still get hugs and kisses and be tucked in at night. And when you wake up you can tackle the world with your big girl smile and huge heart. Just like Baby Owl can be anything he wants to be... and still be cute. 

This is a wonderful book to share with any child, as they can all relate in some way!