Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jim Henson's Enchanted Sisters

Autumn's Secret Gift
by Elise Allen and Halle Stanford
illustrated by Paige Pooler

Sisters Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer are nature’s royalty. In Mother Nature’s realm, they’re responsible for each magical turn of the seasons. When they’re not keeping all of nature in balance, the girls play, imagine, and explore their way around their enchanted world. And though they love harmony, the sisters often cross paths with the Weeds — wild boys who bring trouble with them wherever they go.

This charming new series comes from The Jim Henson Company and is perfectly suited for newly independent readers who love the Rainbow Fairies and Candy Fairies series. The series launches with Autumn when she loses a special gift from Mother Nature. Can the sisters find the gift before Mother Nature’s party?

My Thoughts:
My daughter just started kindergarten, so we are really trying to encourage reading in a fun way! One of our ideas was to start reading "big girl" books with her. Since she is just starting out on her learning-to-read adventure I am reading the books to her before bed time. So when this book arrived I was really excited to share it with her during our special reading time.

Each night we would read for about 20 minutes. It took us a few nights to finish the book, which was really fun and different for here! Before we would start each night she would recall what we had read and where we had left off. She was so engaged and excited while reading this book, a book that is longer than any book she has read... so that was pretty exciting!

The story is really well written for young readers to understand. It's not too long that it loses their interest, and it's filled with adventure and humor. The Sparkles are so lovable and have such a sweet relationship. What I loved the most about the story was how it was filled with so many positive messages for my daughter. Messages about friendship, love, being brave, helping each other, honesty and more. The girls are strong and learn a lot about themselves and each other along their adventures. It offered so many opportunities for my daughter and I to talk about things throughout the book.

I am so excited to check out the next books in this series and get to spend more time with my daughter and these fun sisters!

* I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.