Monday, September 29, 2014

Time For a Bath

Time For a Bath
by Phillis Gershator illustrated by David Walker

We all know kids aren’t the easiest to get into a bath – but what if a little bunny could show them how fun it is?

Go through a year of baths with bunny in TIME FOR A BATH (Sterling Children’s Books, October 2014) by husband and wife team Phillis Gershator and David Walker.  Kids will squeal as bunny gets messy while splashing in puddles, rolling in grass, eating a drippy banana split, and painting pictures. And when there's a mess, it's rub-a-dub-dub from head to toe!

This adorable follow-up to Time For a Hug (2012) will make bath time fun!

Phillis Gershator has written many picture books for children, including When It Starts to Snow (Henry Holt), Listen, Listen (Barefoot Books), and Time For a Hug (Sterling). Phillis worked as a children's librarian for the Brooklyn Public Library and the St. Thomas/St. John Department of Education. She lives with her husband and frequent coauthor, David, in the US Virgin Islands. Visit her at

David Walker is the illustrator of numerous children's books, including Before You Were Mine (Putnam), Time For a Hug (Sterling), and Bears on Chairs (Candlewick).  To see more of David's work, visit

My Thoughts:
My children have been enjoying Time For a Hug for quite some time now. I always get excited when my daughter picks it out for bedtime reading because I know she will be especially cuddly as we read it! The simple, yet sweet story with fabulous illustrations has made it a favorite. So I knew when I heard there was a follow-up, that it would be a hit in our home!

Time For a Bath is a fun little tale that makes making messes and getting clean fun. Bunny is too cute splashing in puddles and having fun! My kids pointed out all the things that bunny did that they like to do. I am a lucky mama and my kids love the bath, it's getting them out that is the trouble!

This book is simply adorable and sweet. And if you do have a child who doesn't like bath time it could be a fun way to show how fun it is!

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Hi Lara,

I was thrilled to read your nice comments about TIME FOR A BATH. I also love David Walker's illustrations--none cuter or more adorable--and funny too!

However, a little correction, while my husband's name is David, it's a different David (David Gershator). I hope we (David W. and I) can continue to be a team, professional, that is, and work on more bunny books together. :)


PS Would love permission to quote from your review on my site....