Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Books from Sterling Children's Books!

I love to give books as gifts during the holiday season. They provide children with adventures and excitement while encouraging a love for reading. In our house, we keep a giant basket out all year. I fill it with books that are specific to the holiday or season. Then when it's time to pick a bedtime story the kids can pick a favorite from their bookshelves or a special book from the basket. At Christmas time that basket is overflowing! We have so many magical books about the holiday season.... and we love each one. Adding to that basket each year is so important to me. New stories, new adventures, and new memories to be made as we share these beautiful books!

This year, Sterling Children's Books has helped me add some truly fabulous books to our holiday basket! Check out the newest holiday titles and be sure to add them to your collection or share them with a special child in your life.

A Pirate's Night Before Christmas
Philip Yates
illustrated by Sebastia Serra

Come aboard, young mateys, for a humorous, colorful, and thoroughly piratical retelling of "The Night Before Christmas!" On a ship of mischievous brigands, you wouldn't expect a visit from jolly St. Nick. Instead, here comes Sir Peggedy driving eight giant sea horses.

My Thoughts:
This book is so clever! The sing-songy rhyme of "The Night Before Christmas" inspires this silly tale of pirates preparing for the big arrival of Sir Peggady. While it's filled with pirate language and humor, and rolls smoothly off your tongue, perhaps the best part of this book is in the illustrations! Each page is filled with a colorful and bright look into the pirate world. My kids loved looking closely at each illustration and pointing out all the clever and whimsical things going on in this magical world. 

When, When, When Will it Be Christmas?
Cathy MacLennan

Come celebrate with this festive picture book from Cathy MacLennan. It's all dressed up in bright Christmas colors and filled with rhythm and rhyme to create the happiest holiday experience. 

My Thoughts:
In my house, getting ready for Christmas is a big deal. The weekend after Thanksgiving really gives us the kick off with decorating the house and putting up the tree. From that point on the house is filled with the scents from Christmas candles, to the sounds of Christmas music, to the cuddly nights by the fire with a Christmas movie on. Oh, and of course, bedtime Christmas stories! 

This new book will fit right in with our holiday glee. We have a little guy... almost 2... who is just beginning to understand the wonder and excitement of the holiday season. This is the perfect book to share with him this season. The rhyming rhythm takes us through all the exciting ways to get ready for the big day. It helps children learn and identify colors as the preparations go on. It's truly adorable and fun!

The Great Reindeer Rebellion
Lisa Trumbauer
illustrated by Jannie Ho

Oh, no! There's trouble brewing in the  North Pole: Santa's reindeer have gone on strike and he's auditioning other animals to take their place. But when the cats abandon station to chase some mice and the elephants fall through the roof, what's Santa to do?

My Thoughts:
Another clever story that is told in rhyme and sure to have your children engaged and entertained! I shared this book with my 5 year old daughter. It opened up some conversation as she didn't know what a "strike" was. She was laughing at each audition! I would ask her why she thought a certain animal wouldn't work for pulling Santa's sleigh and what animals she thought would be good at it. It was so fun to see her being creative and engaged in a silly, fun story. This is a great book for the holiday season!

The Night Before Christmas
Clement C. Moore
illustrated by Tom Browning

For decades families have gathered together to read Clement C. Moore's enchanting holiday poem. Featuring beautiful original illustrations by award-winning artist Tom Browning, this stunning edition stands apart from the rest.

My Thoughts:
Well, what can you say about a classic? This book is a must-own. We read this poem every year on Christmas Eve as we snuggle in our Christmas pajamas and get ready for sugar plums to dance in our heads. Now we have this gorgeous book with amazing illustrations to treasure as a family. This will be a family favorite for years to come!

Be sure to look for these fantastic holiday books this season to enjoy with your little ones!

*I received these books in order to write honest reviews. All opinions expressed are my own.