Monday, March 14, 2011


I am girl who loves diamonds! I don't have many. In fact, I have one on my engagement ring and a few tiny ones on a promise ring my husband gave me many years ago. A fact about me that you may not know is that I got engaged at the very young age of 22. I was still in college with just a few months until graduation. You can imagine my surprise when my boyfriend who was also still in college whipped out a ring.

Clearly, as a college student he was lacking two major things for purchasing a ring..... money and knowledge. Abazais is a website that can help any person shopping for a diamond find exactly what they are looking for. This website would have been so helpful for my husband, though I have to say he did a good job. But this would have helped him understand the characteristics of diamonds and explore options right within his price range without going all over the place.

On the website you can easily search for your criteria in terms of price, shape, cut, size, color, and clarity. You can also build your perfect engagement ring by selecting the diamond and setting. It allows you to view your completed ring. This is great if you are trying to figure out what you want (or if you need a visual "hint" for someone). I am planning on sharing this website with my husband as our 5th anniversary is quickly approaching.

Aside from the great selection of diamonds and engagement rings they also offer lots of other pieces of jewelry. They have everything from necklaces to fashion rings to watches for men and women. They also provide you with an entire section of why you should buy from them. Some of the highlights include that they have great prices on over 150,000 diamonds. You get to pick the diamond YOU want and not what is available at your local jewelry store. They also provide you with a 10 day no questions asked return guarantee. So you can get your diamond, check it out, ask your friends and family, have it appraised. If you aren't 100% satisfied you can send it back.

The website is very organized and easy to use. Check it out and see the huge selection!


Hotel in Brugge said...

Interesting this post really i impress....

Show Me Mama said...

I am right there with you. I sure love diamonds and gold. Love jewelry. Their bracelets are beautiful. Thanks for sharing