Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Book Seller's Sonnets - Book Review

“The Bookseller’s Sonnets”
By Andi L. Rosenthal

Tudor England. WWII Europe. Present day NYC. This book combines all three eras in one well-craftedtale. There is mystery, romance, drama, trauma, small daily problems and monumental problems. Asthe main character, Jill, travels through her story, she is influenced by so many factors: her job, herfamily, her family’s religion and bits of world history entwined with her history. It is a journey I enjoyed following.

The world war story was heartbreaking and dark. Told in bits and pieces, it was still hard to read. This is a disturbing piece of history and sadly, it has been part of history since the beginning of time until today.

The sonnets, though were the most delightful part of this book. The Tudor-era storyline was lyrical and beautiful, told in poetry and prose.

There is no time in history that is perfect. There are no characters that are all good or all bad. This story takes different women and gives them voices and lives that are real because they aren’t perfect. From Tudor unrest through the Holocaust to the Twin Towers, there is fear and terror and strength and warmth and especially love. A good read for a winter’s night.