Thursday, March 3, 2011

Educational Toys Planet Review

As a teacher, I know the value of stimulating your child's brain with toys that are engaging and fun. I try to always hunt for toys that provide benefits for my child in several developmental areas. Lets face it, kids love toys so why not give them something they will love and benefit from?

Educational Toys Planet is a great place to go to find beneficial toys. they have their site set up so you can easily search in the correct age category or by subject area (such as science, math, puzzles, etc). I was fortunate enough to receive one of their amazing products for review.

The Aquarium Shape Sorter is the perfect toy for my little 21 month old. It is recommended for ages 2+, but I like to expose her to things that I can do with her and teach her to start to do independently. This was perfect! The bright colors are stimulating. The fun little sea creatures are cute. The shapes are great for teaching their proper names. And figuring out where they fit and putting them in the aquarium is great for brain development as well as fine motor skills and coordination! This falls under the math toys category.

Learn colors and shapes with the fun Aquarium Shape Sorter by I-Play! With 4 underwater critters to play with in the shapes toy set, your little ones hands will be kept busy. Play with the square clownfish, the turtle who’s a pentagon, the circle octopus and the half moon shaped fish! Stick them all into the pretend play aquarium and let them swim around. Aquarium Shape Sorter has sea creatures with fins, claws and shells that you can move around and pop out! Enjoy bright colors and fun shapes as you play with these critters from this toddler activity toy. From Educational Toys Planet, this kids shape sorting toy will make a splash for your toddler!
I played with her and showed her how everything worked. I talked her through the different shapes and how to try and fit them in. I showed her to turn them when they are fitting just right and how to open the tank to get the shapes back out. Before I knew it she was doing it on her own. Now she often goes to this toy when she wants to sit and play.

Educational Toys Planet has a very large selection of great toys for kids of all ages! I highly recommend you check them out!


Mom vs. the boys said...

looks like a fun one!

Show Me Mama said...

We love educational toys in our house and this one looks really fun. She is really into it. Love it! Thanks for sharing

Life with the Lebedas said...

I love it!! Love that it's not your average shape sorter and they made it fun for kids!!