Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Tips for an Organized Play Room #Walltracks

I love a clean and tidy house. I want every thing to have a place and for it to be where it belongs. I'm pretty good about getting rid of things that I don't need or don't use. So overall my house is pretty organized. I am almost always ready for company.... as long as they don't go in the playroom.

The playroom is a world all it's own. It's an extension of my house that I feel like I've completely lost control of. Not only is it always a mess because of my daughter playing with multiple things at once, but it's also completely disorganized. I think my biggest challenge is that every toy is a different size and shape. It's not like organizing books.... there's no where to put the big, bulky ones!

So I've spent some time "trying" to get this room in order. In some cases my efforts have worked and in some cases they haven't. But here is my top 10 list of ideas to keep things neat and tidy... well, as much as you can.

1. Rotate Toys - Instead of having everything out all at once rotate things in and out. This keeps the toys a little more exciting and cuts down on the amount of "stuff" in the room.

2. Baskets - I use baskets for everything! I have a basket for diaper changing necessities, a basket for puzzles, and a basket for stuffed animals. This way I can keep them up high and take them out when they are needed or wanted. They also make for quick clean up as you can just throw things back in them.

3. Organizing Shelf - This has made a world of difference! My daughter is at the age where most of her toys come with parts. It's a plastic explosion. These shelves have bins for shelves, so each bin can be for a different set of toys. And she can take a whole bin off the shelf when she wants to play with something.

4. Retire Toys - Do a sweep every couple of weeks and pack up things that aren't being used.

5. Keep the "Messies" Away - I keep all the messy stuff out of her reach. Play dough, paint, crayons... this will save you from finding play dough ground into the carpet or crayons all over the wall.

6. Put it Away Right - We always put things away with all their pieces. This way the toy is in "ready to play" condition and you know right away when a piece has gone missing.

7. Keep it in One Spot - Don't let your playroom leak out into other parts of the house. My daughter plays in other rooms, but her toys live in the playroom.

8. Keep It Simple - Don't buy things you already have. Don't get the 100 piece block set when the 50 piece set is available. Sometimes less is more. As long as there is enough to keep the little ones entertained don't go crazy with "stuff".

9. Storage - Make sure you have tons of storage. You can do this without drawing attention to it buy getting those ottomans that open up. You can hide all kinds of stuff in there and keep your room looking nice.

10. - Don't Do it Alone - Set an example that things should be put away and kept organized. Encourage your kids to do the same. You can sing a clean up song or have a set time every night that you clean up. Make it part of the routine and an expectation. Also, cleaning as you go is good. Play with it and then put it away before picking something new.

The thing with kids is that your house will never be spotless again. But having the house filled with toys is a good thing. It means it's a house where a child plays. But keeping things organized is important and will continue to challenge you as your kids grow and change and all their "stuff" changes. If you have any great ideas please leave a comment and let us all know how you are organizing your playrooms!

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