Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to Fall!

I am having the hardest time believing that summer is over! It went by in the blink of an eye... and didn't linger for a moment. We are dealing with rain and cold temperatures for our back to school week!

But luckily we were able to say goodbye to summer over the long weekend with lots of fun activities. We went to our local parade to see Papa (my dad) march with his fire department. And then we went to the fire men's carnival. This was really fun because my daughter was so into it! She wanted to go on rides and play games. We had a blast!

So while it's sad to say goodbye to summer I really love fall! I am excited to pick apples and pumpkins, do all kinds of baking and cooking, and decorate the house. The smell of candles burning makes me feel comfy and cozy. So I'm embracing fall and we are gonna have a blast!

Do you have any fun traditions or activities that you love to do in the fall?


Krista said...

I'm super excited for Fall too...I love the Fall holidays and Fall fashions. I want to pick pumpkins, and dress up for Halloween, eat potato skins while watching a football game (only one a season for me...ha). And then I can't wait for all the Thanksgiving specials and Black Friday shopping. I might even rake a leaf or two at my parent's house...a chore I hated growing up, but now that I live in a city, I kind of of miss.

Mom vs. the boys said...

it's a catch 22 right, sad to say good bye to summer but so excited for fall. it's my favourite too! But couldn't the sun stick around for just a few more weeks? I remember wearing shorts for the first day of school, my son was wearing a coat! lol

Lara said...

Oh the leaves.... that;s one thing I could do without! They look so pretty when they change colors and are still on the tree... but once they fall they just become work! My husband is excited for football... I'm not so much... haha!

Jenerally Speaking said...

How fun is that!! :) She looks like she had a blast! :) Our state fair is in like 2 weeks and i'm excited to take my girls.