Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting out to Play! #C2Play2Day

My daughter absolutely loves to play outside. And with Worldwide Day of Play to turn off the tv and play outside coming up on Septemeber 24th we fully intend to take part. I admit that I am completely guilty of taking advantage of the tv. I try not to let it be a "babysitter," but sometimes I really need it to get anything done. But now my daughter is at the age where she is asking for specific shows and WANTS to watch tv... all the time!  So, this is a great reminder to turn off the tv and get out and enjoy the sunshine. Especially since fall and winter and creeping around that corner!

I have to admit that my favorite thing to do with my family is get out in the outdoors and do something! We are great at this on the weekends, but I struggle with it during the week when cooking, cleaning, laundry, and exhaustion take over. So what do we do as a family to get out and about? Well....

THE BEACH! We love the beach. We sit in the sand and play with shovels. We walk by the edge of the water. We relax in the sun... with sunscreen, of course! A day at the beach is relaxing and feels so natural.

THE PARK! We live very close to a park. In fact, it's within walking distance. So you would think we would be there every day. But it's really more of a weekend thing for us, since it takes two to watch our little one. One climbs up with her to make sure she can do all the obstacles to get to her favorite slide. The other waits at the bottom of the slide for her.

THE FARM! Ok, this has to be our favorite. We have two farms that we frequent. One is like a mini petting zoo. It has sheep, goats, pigs, bunnies, alpacas, cows, and horses. It's designed for kids and has tons for them to do. The other farm we go to a lot if where we do our peach picking, apple picking, and pumpkin picking. We get a yearly membership so that we can go back as often as we would like for fresh air, fresh fruit, and fun!

OUR OWN BACKYARD! Yes, it may not be as exciting as a destination. But we do our best to make it fun for our family. We have a swing set and a baby pool. We also have one of those kiddie roller coasters. That can keep her busy for hours! The bubble maker is always a hit. And just running around makes us all smile!

Spending time outside is one of those things that I always pictured when I imagined being a mom. BBQing while the kids play, going for family bike rides, taking trips to the beach. I am thrilled to be at the early stages of parenthood with so many fun activities and adventures to look forward to with my family!

So get outside, make some memories and have some fun! Take the  Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside! I took the pledge... you should, too!

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Emmi said...

I love petting zoos! We just found an awesome one down the road from our house and the kids love it. The goats just roam free. One took the bag of popcorn (treats you can buy to feed them) right out of my daughter's hand!

Lara said...

Petting zoo's seem to entertain kids for hours!! Although the last time we went all she wanted to do was play in the sand box...ha!