Monday, January 2, 2012

Purex Ultra Packs Review

Raise your hand if you're a busy mom who feels like the laundry basket is never empty? If you could see me you would see that I am raising both hands wildly as laundry seems to be my life. Not only is the basket never empty... it's almost always full. The never ending cycle!

Doing laundry is a part of life. Whether you live alone of in a house full. But Purex is constantly trying to make this chore easier and more effective. Their newest product, which will hit shelves this February, is the Purex Ultra Packs laundry detergent.
The Purex Ultra packs have made doing laundry a totally different experience. You can now eliminate the heavy bottles and measuring out that messy liquid that I always manage to spill while trying to pour. These Ultra Packs are pre-dosed liquid that comes in a dissolvable packet. This one powerful pack contains 2x concentrated liquid detergent, making it have double the cleaning power. Talk about easy!
I had the chance to try these out and I am sold. They were so easy to just grab a pack and toss it in the washer before I put my clothes in. My laundry came out fresh and clean! I was really amazed that such a small little pack of detergent could be so effective.

These packs will be available in Mountain Breeze and Free and Clear!