Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toddler Tuesday

So I'm thinking of starting up a toddler Tuesday where I can brag or rant and rave about my darling toddler! And of course, ask my lovely readers for advice, since it take a village!

So I will start out with an introduction:
This is Little Miss
She is 31 months old and has been a very easy baby. A great sleeper, sweet girl. She's currently a pretty terrible eater. She prefers to graze rather than sit down for a meal. Vegetables are out of the question and need to be strategically snuck into her meals. Tantrums are rare, but when they occur I am sure most of you are hearing them. Yes, she is that loud.

So our adventures with Little Miss this month are potty training. She has been potty training for several weeks now. She is a champ at school! She skipped the pull up phase there and went straight to Dora underwear. She has only had 2 accidents in the last several weeks. But at home it is a completely different story. She has NO interest in the potty. We have a sticker chart where she can earn rewards and she still doesn't seem interested. Any tips?


Mom vs. the boys said...

hmmm...yes, day care and home are two different worlds for most toddlers. I am trying to potty train our last one! he was doing great, but then the holidays came and now he could care less. grrrr....

Lara said...

Ugh, yes! It seems a weekend or even just a day out of the routine changes everything. This is not easy... haha!