Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome Baby - Arm & Hammer Simply Saline

One of the toughest parts of having a winter baby is trying to keep him as healthy as possible. Luckily we have been pretty successful so far. The only thing we have had to deal with is some nasal congestion, which we feel is due to the dry air of our closed up house with the heat on.

We decided to give the Arm & Hammer Simply Saline line a try with our little peanut to see if we could help him be more comfortable on his stuffiest nights. We received two products to try.... the Simply Saline Baby Nasal Moisturizer Plus Aloe Vera and the Simply Saline Baby Swabs.

I love that these products are drug-free and designed specifically for babies. This is just what we were looking for. Our son had just enough congestion that it was becoming difficult for him to breath comfortably and tough for him to take his bottle at night. So when that was the case we would use the nasal swabs to help break up any of the crusty boogers inside his nose and make him more comfortable. During the day we would dab a tiny bit of the nasal moisturizer on his nostrils and he seemed much more comfortable.

I truly think these two products helped to make my little guy more comfortable. These products are also helpful with colds, allergies, and sinusitis. You can learn more by visiting the Arm & Hammer website.