Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Welcome Baby - Tiny Love

Tiny Love is an award-winning international baby products company
that creates stimulating developmental toys and products
which encourage babies' growth and development.

Tiny Love offers a wide variety of products from their 3-in-1 napper to activity mats to mobiles and more. I had been hearing really wonderful things about the company and their products, so I was anxious to check them out in person. This was a company that I had no experience with, so when they offered to send me their Pack & Go Mini Mobile I was excited

This mobile is designed for children age 0 - 12 months and provides stimulation for baby's senses and curiosity. It is designed with basic colors and patterns to attract baby's attention and has a bell shaped wind chime that makes pleasant sounds in response to touch, making it motivating and entertaining. And it folds up completely, making it perfect for taking on the go.

I think this is a great product. My son is only 2 months old and he is already engaging in activity with this mobile. When I make the bell chime he looks at it. And is beginning to show signs of trying to reach for it. I think this is a mobile that will grow with him. And I love how portable it is. It folds up so small we can just toss it in the diaper bag.

This mobile is fun and functional and available at a very affordable price of only $14.99. You can learn more about it and all of the other products available from Tiny Love on their website. 


Laurel Haswell said...

What a great idea! It looks like the clip is big enough to hang from the infant carrier, is that right? I had a full size mobile in the crib for M made by Tiny Love and we got a lot of use out of it. This will be on the list to get for the next one!