Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome Baby - Joovy Roo

As my faithful readers know, we have several Joovy products in our home. They offer a great variety of products for babies and kids from strollers to high chairs to baby slings and more.

We have their high chair, the Nook, which we used with my daughter and will be using with my son. Their stuff is built to last and is great quality! We also have their baby carrier, TheBabaSling, which has been a life saver around the house with two kids. My son loves to be held, so I put him in TheBabaSling and I can move around the house and take care of my older daughter.

So I had high expectations when I was given the opportunity to review their new frame stroller, the Joovy Roo Infant Car Seat Frame Stroller. I hadn't even thought about a frame stroller when we had my daughter and we never really missed it. But this time around the idea of a light weight, more compact stroller was so appealing as I was now juggling two kids. My husband and I were both so excited to give the Roo a try that he texted me upon it's arrival with a picture of it in the box and the caption, "A Roo for you!"

The Roo is designed a little differently then what you might expect. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is that it has a side mount, which means your car seat goes in facing sideways. At first I didn't know how I felt about it or if it even really mattered to me. Then we used the Roo in a restaurant and realized how fabulous and convenient it was to be able to just push the stroller up to the table and have full access to my son. I was able to interact with him and see him the whole time.

The other thing you may notice is how low the cupholders are. First of all.. cupholders... a must. I very rarely go anywhere with my stroller without a bottle of water or cup of coffee. But it never even occured to me that the beverages really should be below the child. Especially coffee! How did I not think of that before? Joovy really thought of everything with this design.

This stroller has made a huge difference in our lives and how I get out and about with my kids. It is easy to open and close with one hand which is crucial when juggling two kids in parking lots, folds up compactly which saves me room in my trunk, has a great basket underneath with lots of space, and maneuvers like a dream. We couldn't be happire with the Roo and we are really going places with it!

The Joovy Roo is compatible with current Graco, Chico and Peg Perego infant car seats. You can learn more about the Roo and other products by visiting Joovy's website or connecting with them on Facebook or Twitter.