Monday, March 25, 2013

"Watch Me Grow" Books from Sterling Kids

A few days ago I had the wonderful opportunity to share with you a review of two books in the "Watch Me Grow" series. These books are written by Mary Packard and illustrated by Lisa McCue. My daughter and I really enjoyed Little Chipmunk's Wiggly, Wobbly Tooth and Little Raccoon Learns to Share. You can read my review HERE.

So as you can imagine.... I am very excited to share with you two other books from the "Watch Me Grow" series...
Little bear is excited to hear there will soon be a new cub in the family! So she makes a welcome gift--a shiny mobile--out of the prettiest treasures she finds in the forest. But when the baby arrives, Little Bear's present is gone! Where could it be? A heartwarming take about welcoming a new member into the family--and becoming a big sister!

My Thoughts:
Oh this is the perfect book for our family! My little girl just became a big sister and we are still emphasizing what a special and important role it is. Before my son was born she wanted to pick out special gifts for the baby and be involved in all the preparations. This book brought back those memories and she talked about bringing the stuffed tiger she picked out for her brother to the hospital. I am a big fan of books for new big sisters/brothers that emphasises how wonderful a new baby will be and how special the big sibling is.

Tomorrow is Little Wolf's first day of school--but he doesn't know what will happen there. What new things will he have to learn? And will he be good enough to do it all? But by the time mama comes to take him home from class, a happy Little Wolf is sure about one thing: he can't wait to go back for a second day!

My Thoughts:
This book is a must for any little one going off to school for the first time! We just recently looked at preschool's for my daughter and she was so excited. But when we sat down and read this book I started to think to myself... she may be excited on the outside, but I wonder what she's worrying about on the inside. This book gave us the opportunity to talk about it. I asked her if she felt nervous or if she had anything she was worried about. Right now she says no.... but I am glad we have this book to read again as we get closer to September. I think it sends a wonderful message that it's ok to be nervous... it's normal to be nervous. And it sends a good message... that school is fun! 

Now that I have had the pleasure of reading all four of the books in the "Watch Me Grow" series and can confidently recommend these to parents of young children. I love that they all touch on real feelings and events in kids lives in a light hearted way. The characters are cute and loveable and the messages are short and sweet. Perfect for little ones! 


Unknown said...

Ooo I think I will have to try and find Little Wolf Goes to School. Mason will be starting Pre-k in May and we have been talking about it a lot to get him ready. Thanks for sharing!

Lara said...

Yes! I am excited to read it again closer to September when my daughter heads off to preschool!