Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Joovy Room 2 Ultralight

Life with my second baby is a completely different world. With our first we had all kinds of equipment and I barely used any of it. If she was awake I was either holding her or playing with her on the floor. If she was asleep I was either holding her or she was in her crib. But now.... now life is complicated.

Now I have two children who need my attention and a very different situation in the house. While with my daughter I could put her on a play blanket while I folded the laundry... that isn't a possibility with my son. I have a toddler running around... so anytime he isn't with me he needs to be put someplace safe. This is where my Joovy Room 2 Ultralight  has become a lifesaver!

Our Room 2 Ultralight comes everywhere with us. It folds up nice and small making it easy to take it in the car when we visit friends and family. But it also has a quick fold feature that allows us to have it folded in half making it quick and easy to move it around the house and open it up quickly. This has become our favorite use for it because I take it outside with me every day. This way my daughter can run and play and I have a safe place to put my son if I need to help her get across the monkey bars and push her on the swings.

He absolutely adores being in the Room 2 Ultralight. He has lots of room to practice his rolling. And he rolls himself over to the mesh so that he can look out and see us. I can position the play yard so that the solid side provides some shade and protection from the wind for him. There is also a large pocet on that side where we can keep his pacifier, blaket, and other things we might need on hand. The bottom is nice and soft so he doesn't bang his head when we put it on the concrete. And it comes with a 100% brushed cotton sheet for easy washing (note the sheet is not on in this picture... it was being washed).

The quick fold feature is really easy and I  can do it all on my own. The picture above illustrates how simple it is to just buckle each side and it stays folded up. When folded in half it takes up only 3.5 feet of space making it very easy to store.  The picture below shows just how light and easy to carry it is.

We are so happy with this product. It has met all our needs and expectations. I love that it is so roomy that my son can continue to use it as he gets bigger and move around and play. I am pleased with how light it is and how easy it is to move it around. Having two options for how small I want to fold it out has proven to be very functional for me and my needs. The quality of the product is wonderful and I have every reason to believe that it will last for years. And since the sides are nice and high... I don't see him climbing out of it.

I would definitely recommend this product. I would also suggest that you visit Joovy's website to learn more about the Room 2 Ultralight and all of the other great products they carry. And don't forget to connect with Joovy on Facebook and Twitter for all the news about Joovy and their products.


ElmoFan said...

Looks great! I like how much room there is - a perfect sized portable playroom!

Show Me Mama said...

oh, I like this. I love how you carry it with your son :) Portable that's what I like :) thanks for sharing. He is cute by the way. You have beautiful kids :)