Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Out with Our Joovy ScooterX2

Last summer we found out we were expecting our second child. I was so excited and immediatley started researching all the necessary items for parents of two. This included a double stroller. I quickly became overwhelmed with all the choices (front back, sit stand, side by side!) and the pure size of them. I started to question if we really needed one. Our daughter would be 3 and a half by the time the baby came and she was at the point where she always wanted to walk and refused to ride in the stroller. 

So my ultimate decision was that we could do without a double stroller. Our little boy was born in December and by April we were seeing beautiful weather. I piled the kids in the car, loaded up our single stroller, and headed off to the zoo. Twenty minutes into our visit I was standing there by myself with an infant asleep in the stroller and a toddler screaming that she was too tired to walk anymore. She wanted him!

Needless to say... I headed home and we began the hunt for the right double stroller for us. We finally found it.... the Joovy ScooterX2 is exactly what we need!

My husband and I are big fans of Joovy products in general. We have several of their items and have been pleased with the quality, design, and ease of use they provide parents. So Joovy was one of the top brands we were looking at. But I had no idea we would be so lucky as to be able to test one out for review!

We wanted a side by side because we loved the idea of our kids interacting in the stroller. They can talk and look at things together and everyone has a perfect view (especially important when we head back to the zoo!).

A crucial feature that the Joovy ScooterX2 offers is that it's designed to carry up to 90 pounds. Since we were starting out with our daughter already being around 35 pounds we wanted to make sure we had a stroller that would last us. This weight limit is fantastic and not often seen. This gives us room to grow!

Another very important feature is that this stroller is only 30 inches wide. Which means it will easily fit through doorways. I can't even imagine having to fold up a stroller to get through doorways. This gives us the freedom to take our stroller anywhere and not have to worry. 

Pushing this stroller is a breeze. It's a smooth ride that is easy to control. The wheels have sealed bearings and the handle bar goes all the way across so I can hold it where I'm comfortable. The canopy is huge! It provides as little or as much shade as we need and there is a clear window in the top that can be covered or open so you can peak through at your little ones. 

The seats are fully adjustable and each one is independent. So my little guy can lay back and take a nap while my daughter is upright and enjoying the scenery. The removeable bumper bar is a nice feature that is easy to open up or take off. And the 5 point harnesses make me feel like my kids are safe.

There are two cup holders on the back and zippered pockets. I love that because I can put some money and my phone in there and not worry about them falling out. The basket underneath is big and fits everything we could possibly need while out and about. We had a diaper bag, beach bag, two blankets, and some toys under there the other day. It was great! I didn't have to carry a thing.

This stroller is lightweight enough for me to handle it all on my own and fits in my trunk with room to spare. We love the color and can always spot our stroller in a crowd. I would highly recommend the Joovy ScooterX2 for anyone looking for a high quality, well designed, fun and functional double stroller for kids of any age.

* A product was received by the company for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.