Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ROBEEZ - Baby's First Shoes!

Time sure flies when you have a new baby. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our newest bundle home from the hospital and now we are constantly on our toes as he becomes more and more active everyday!

We recently reached his 8 month milestone and with that came the adventurous world of pulling up... on everything. Now all he wants to do is move move move! His favorite activity is holding onto our hands and walking around the house. So it was time to introduce him to shoes. For a baby that has been barefoot since birth this was a big deal for all of us. And I am so happy his first pair of shoes were ROBEEZ!

We received a pair of the Cool Shane Soft Soles and we just love everything about them. They are perfect for walking around the house and doing a little exploring outside on the grass. My son is notorious for pulling on his socks until he gets them off. We have not been able to find a pair he can keep on, so we were worried he would pull shoes right off too. But the design of these shoes is perfect because he can't get them off. They have an elasticized ankle band keeping them on but not making them too tight.

We have a lot of hardwood around our house, so I am so happy that these soft soles have a non-slip suede outsole. Making it easy for this guy to get around. I love knowing that our little guy can wear some soft sole shoes to help keep his feet underneath him and practice his walking. And these shoes are approved by The American Podiatric Medical Association... even better!

I would highly recommend you check out ROBEEZ for your little ones shoes. They are comfy, stylish, cute and affordable. The pair we received retails for only $25.00. You can visit ROBEEZ online to learn more and view their entire selection of shoes for boys and girls.


Show Me Mama said...

Those shoes are absolutely adorable but he is so cute!!!