Friday, August 9, 2013

We Go Together - Book Review

We Go Together
By Todd Dunn
Illustrated By Miki Sakamoto

What goes together perfectly? A child and this bubbly, spirited picture book about all kinds of things that belong with each other! It’s filled with rhythm and rhyme that begs to be read aloud, and illustrated with sunshine-bright, joyful art. “We go together like ice cream and cone” shows kids gazing in delight at huge scoops of multicolored ice cream, while a puppy smiles happily at his piled-high bowl in “We go together like dog and bone.” For “fire and dragon,” the appealing green creature toasts marshmallows with his own breath, and adorable cows fiddle, dance, and leap in “cow and moo.” Of course, the satisfying ending has the best pair-up of all: mother and child in a big hug with an “I love you” and two hearts intertwined.

My Thoughts:
My daughter and I really enjoyed reading this book together. Each bright colored page was filled with fun illustrations and fun rhymes. This book was the perfect book to read aloud because it allowed my daughter to be engaged and participate. I would start the saying and she would use the rhyming clues and photos to try and guess what the second part was. Then we went on to find other things that belong together.

This is a great book to share with your young child! It's fun, cute, bright, and engaging!