Friday, April 17, 2015

ABC Universe

In collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, Sterling Children’s Books is excited to present ABC Universe (April 2015), the upcoming addition to our beloved oversized AMNH ABC Board Books collection. From astronaut and black hole to yellow dwarf and zenith, this stunningly photographed guide to the alphabet opens up the entire cosmos to children. With extra-large letters to encourage finger tracing and visual memorization, as well as informative descriptions of all 26 terms, ABC Universe takes kids on a photographic journey through comets, flares, and planets and introduces them to supernovas, telescopes, space probes, and more. Perfect for the youngest astronomers!

My Thoughts:
My husband was so excited to learn about this book. He minored in astronomy at The University of Virginia. He has such an interest in space, planets, and stars. He loves trying to share that passion with our kids... but aside from wishing on some stars, a lot of what he wants to tell them is hard for them to understand.  This book is just what he was looking for.

Our son got it as part of his Easter goodies. We love to include books whenever we can to help instill a love and joy for reading! Both kids were excited to check it out the next night at bedtime. It's a really big board book, so they could all enjoy it together. The space pictures are so cool and take the kids on an adventure to see things they've never even dreamed of!

The book is filled with cool space pictures, interesting words, and educational descriptions that my husband then elaborated on. It brought so much more meaning and understanding to have the amazing photos to go along with the cool new words they were learning.

This book is so unique. Everyone has an ABC book. Everyone knows A is for Apple... but this is new. This is all about our Universe!