Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Glamorous Garbage

Bobbie’s room is full of stuff—SO full, that it’s hard for her and her “best cousin,” Joanie, to find space to play. When Bobbie’s mom gives her a two–week deadline to clear out the clutter, Bobbie has an idea–instead of taking stuff out of her room, she brings garage–sale finds and other glamorous garbage in. Will Bobbie transform the chaos into a beautiful big–kid room? This title weaves together three appealing themes: letting go of toys and dealing with a messy room, turning trash into treasure, and recycling and repurposing—a part of every school curriculum from kindergarten up.

My Thoughts:
You may remember Bobbie and Joanie from Barbara Johansen Newman's previous book, Glamorous Glasses.  And these two characters are at it again! Bobbie reminds me of myself... and my daughter. I collected everything! Rocks, beads, stickers, little pieces of paper. Yeah, I probably would have fit into the modern day term of "hoarder." And now my daughter is following in my footsteps. Every drawer or box or corner of her room is filled with some treasure that she just can't part with. Oy, it's genetic.

This book has been the perfect bridge for communication with my daughter about her room and letting things go. The light and funny theme, along with the bright and cheerful illustrations, has allowed us to really talk about how you have to part with certain things. Our house would explode if we kept everything. Or we just wouldn't be able to get anything new. My daughter was able to relate to Bobbi, and I relate to her cousin who just wants there to be some space!

This book is totally adorable and very relatable for parents and kids. I love the independence that Bobbi is given to find a solution to her messy room. My daughter and I are now working on some creative ideas to make her room even more special, a little more grown up, and a little less messy!

Check out this fun website to learn more about Bobbi and Joanie, and play around with some fun activities.