Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Child's Individual Sense of Style

I have to say that kids these days are very stylish. There are definite pro's and con's to this, but it seems that back-to-school shopping is the time to make a statement with what you wear! Back-to-school is right around the corner and the ads are pouring in for all the latest fashions! I have to admit that the idea of back-to-school (since I'm a teacher) can make me cringe just a little... I do get excited about the new styles, great sales, and fall fashions.

I believe that kids should be able to express themselves through their sense of style. And as a mother of a toddler I am one who knows that they start to develop this sense at a very young age! With the arguments I am facing with my 2 year old about what she should wear, I can only imagine life with a teenager!

Little Miss is such a girly girl! She loves the colors purple and pink... she loves tutu's (really, she would wear one everyday and every where she goes)... she loves shoes!!! She gets that from her mommy. But here is something rather interesting for this girl girl.... she hates dresses. She will only wear a dress when we are going to a party. She likes party dresses, but won't wear one for any other occasion.

Shopping these days have become a lot of fun because my daughter has found her voice and likes to pick out what she likes. We walk around and she points to what she likes. If it has Dora on it she wants it. If it's fluffy she wants it. and if it has sparkles she wants it. And pajamas! This girl and her pajamas. It's one of those things that your kid wants to wear all day long. You know, the item of clothing that you are embarrassed to take them out of the house in but wonder if it's worth the fight to get them changed. Ah, the stubbornness is setting in already.

I am excited to see how her style grows and changes. I am looking forward to more shopping trips and mother-daughter bonding time. I am not looking forward to the fights in the dressing room. Or the inappropriate clothes that she will fight to wear out of the house.

So make sure you browse the ads, watch the commercials, and browse the stores for your kids and yourself. Express yourself in your clothes! Have fun and be sure to get great deals!

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Bed and Breakfast Brugge said...

Lovely sharing and cute baby. beautiful dress and nice smile on face. awesome posting

Lara said...

Thank you! She's a joy :)

Mom vs. the boys said...

lol that is adorable! I always wanted a girl, now with three boys, I think If I ever got my hands on a girl I would dress her in a tutu everyday! lol