Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aurora "Softy Soakers" Review

My daughter absolutely adores anything that has to do with water. So when I learned about a new product from Aurora, Softy Soakers, I knew they would be right up her alley.

Simply place Softy Soakers in water and the plush expands from practically nothing into a full size, eight-inch plush animal. The initial collection includes the "Fanta-Sea" plush assortment, and based on the response from buyers at this year's winter shows, Aurora sees a huge hit in the making.

The "Fanta Sea" collection (MSRP: $10 each) includes a sea horse, octopus, 
hammerhead shark, dolphin, sea turtle and alligator.

We received the sea horse to check out and from the moment I took it out of the shipping box my daughter was excited! We decided to make this a family event and filled the bathroom sink with water. We all piled in to see the transformation.  At first they don't look like much. They kind of look like someone forgot to add the stuffing and they're flat as a pancake. But in a matter of seconds that all changed.

I loved how quickly these little guys go from flat to 3-D. My daughter does not have much patience at the age of 2, so she wanted to see immediate results. She was not disappointed as she "ooo-ed" at the sea horse transforming before her eyes. Then she loved wrapping him up in a towel to help him dry off. Of course we got him nice and dry and I turned around and she had thrown him in the tub. Whoops... hehe.

This is a really fun toy for kids. It's exciting and engaging to watch it become 3-D. And after a few days you can do it all over again as they do return to their regular shape. You can shop for "Softy Soakers" HERE.

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ajsmommy said...

As soon as I saw these and read the review I thought stocking stuffers! These are so cute. I am going to order some to put away for Christmas (can't start to early w/ kids).
And I love that they are perfect for a biy ir girl.

Lara said...

Yes! They would make perfect stocking stuffers! Great idea... thanks!

Mom vs. the boys said...

ooohhh cute! my guys would love this too, really great for stocking stuffers! I wonder if they are here in Canada yet

Jenerally Speaking said...

Those are really cute!! :) I'm going to have to look for those!