Monday, August 1, 2011

Costume Super Center Review

Ok, so I know today is only the first day of August. But I am already getting excited about fall! I really love fall and everything that comes with it. Apple picking, pumpkin picking, festivals, and of course... Halloween!

Halloween takes on a whole new dimension when you have kids. My daughter's first Halloween was so much fun and so exciting. It was definitely more fun for her dad and I then her! And now that she's two it just keeps getting better. She has even been telling us what she wants to be!

Now, I am the typical mom if a little girl who wants to dress her as a princess or fairy. But when we asked her  what she wanted to be she didn't even hesitate before saying "dinoboo"! Which means dinosaur. Luckily for me Costume Super Center, which has an amazingly huge selection of costumes, had a fabulous dinosaur that I felt could work as a boys Halloween costume or a girls.

I am really impressed by this costume. I had read some of the reviews on the site that suggested ordering up in size. I have found this to be true basically across the costume board. I always order up. So this is a size 4-6. It's a little big on her in that the legs and arms are long. But I am happy with that because there is room to wear warm clothes underneath and she can use this for dress up for a couple of years. So I'm glad I ordered the size I did.

My husband immediately commented about the quality. This costume is listed for $22.97 and looks and feels like it cost a lot more! It's all one piece and zips up the front. The head fits her perfectly and doesn't fall off on it's own. It's soft and looks so comfortable. It was a 90 degree day when we tried this on and my daughter refused to take it off! She was having the best time running around "rarrring" at us. And she looked ADORABLE!! I am really thrilled with this costume and I will happily have my little girl wear it on Halloween. Though I may add a big pink bow to the top!

Costume Super Center is a great place to shop for all your costume needs. They carry everything from animal costumes to your child's favorite characters. They have costumes for all ages from infant to adult. I love that they offer reviews right there so you can see what other customers thought. They have really great prices and my item shipped quickly. Check it out and make sure you and your family are ready for Halloween!


Show Me Mama said...

Oh, your little one looks so adorable. Right now my daughter is into Smurfs so you know which one she loves "Smurfette" so I have to definitely try to find something like that for her. They have cute costumes... My Mother in Law has the Flamingo Costume (funny). Thanks for sharing and great review.

Lara said...

Oh my gosh... I saw the flamingo and thought it was hysterical! I am thinking about one of the peacock costumes this year... they are pretty! Smurfette would make a super cute costume!!

Mom vs. the boys said...

hahhaha I love it, she is adorable!! I love the fall too, not so much halloween but I have to dress up for a party this year too

Lara said...

Oh fun! I love dressing up. My husband hates it, so it's a challenge to get him in anything. We need a party to force him into a costume!